The Mavic Pro Dillema

For all those Mavic Pro owners out there, how much do you think "Australian stock" is worth to you?

I'm trying to decide whether or not to buy it via the current Ebay PTECH20 deal.

3 Options:

1) HK Dealer has the Fly More package at approximately 1450 AUD.

2) Australian Fly more stock via same PTECH 20 deal works out to be about 1750 AUD.

3) My other option is to wait it out a little bit as I will be traveling early November…. Hope for another Ebay %20 deal and also get my 10% GST back, dropping the price of Aus Stock drone to be in the neighbourhood of $1550 based on current prices. Maybe by then the Mavic Pro 2 will be out and there will be a further price drop.

I will be purchasing the DJI Care Refresh Warranty anyway as I have a feeling the thing will be hitting the Yarra at some point during one of my attempts to film my Electric Longboard outings.

So, if I were to buy now, worth going for the local warranty in case of manufacturers defects?

Any info would be great from DJI owners.


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    Don't you have to pay import fees for the overseas stock as it's over $1000? That'd be another 10% ontop of the $1450 which is $1595.


    The Mavic is awesome. I never used a drone before and I have had so much fun with it. It is amazing how small it is yet so powerful and advanced.

    I got it for ~$1650 through an Ebay 20% deal from an Australian seller and then got ~$200 back from claiming TRS. Just get it from an Australia seller so you have that piece of mind, and definitely get DJI Refresh as well :).


    I emailed the Hong Kong company that but they say no import fees for the Mavic Pro. Not sure how much I trust them.

    But others seem to have bought from them before with no GST on import.

    Thanks for the tip. I guess I will wait for another 20% deal in the next couple of months. Need to wait it out until September 1st to get my TRS if I'm traveling November 1st.


      All it takes is for the sender to write <$1000 on the cn23.


      I wouldn't trust their word one bit. Import tax is imposed by the government and I doubt some guy in Hong Kong knows or cares what our importation laws are. I'm sure they will declare goods under value as per your request but that isn't without risk.

      If your parcel was damaged or lost, you are only insured for whatever you claim it was worth.

      If your parcel arrived and the customs officer happened to randomly pick your box to open, the Mavic isn't as niche as you'd hope it to be. A simple google search and you'll be paying import tax on Australian RRP.

      If you bring the goods out of the country for TRS, be warned that in recent months, customs have been extra diligent about checking return goods that have gone through TRS. Your Mavic has a seriel number. It is child's play to prove you committed TRS fraud.


    Damage occurring after the aircraft has come into contact with water is not covered by the DJI Care Refresh. Aircraft that suffers water damage cannot be replaced under DJI Care Refresh.
    No. At the moment, DJI Care Refresh does not support international coverage. For example, if you purchased your DJI Care Refresh in the US, you can only replace your aircraft at an official US service center.

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      Water damage is covered by care refresh according to this (make sure you click Australia /AU$)

      I have had my mavic for about 6mths, thankfully have not had to make a claim though.


      Yeah that's incorrect.

      Water damage is definitely covered by DJI Care Refresh as long as you are able to retrieve the drone.

      And it definitely covers international… When you buy the DJI Care Refresh, you register it to your country. Australia is one of those that have DJI Care Refresh. Essentially it's an insurance contract except its made with DJI. Once it's registered, you can't claim DJI Care Refresh in any other country.

      Your original warranty which covers manufacturer's defects is for wherever the drone was purchased.

      So in my scenario, if there are warranty claims, I have to send it to HK. If it's for a DJI Care Refresh, then I go through Australia.


    There are a number of aquatic drones available now with up to 4K, these may fit your needs better. Sure they wont have all the features of the Mavic, nor be quite as portable, but it would seem a better option for water use.


      I know the ones. They are great for drone fishing but the in depth forum discussions would reveal that they come with a lot more bugs and a lot less support.

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    I'm sure when I was in Melbourne Central and the Authorized Reseller store there had them for $1700 and had a current $300 off, this was last week. So not sure, and that is local stock.


    $1600 now for the Fly More combo from the Bing Lee online store using code PBING20

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