Help choosing iPad for 5yo

I am planning to buy iPad for little one.

Which one is good one.

PRO 12.9 (2015) 32gb for 840
PRO 12.9 (2017) for 1000+
PRO 10.5 (2017) for 960 approx.

Is it worth buying old version for $200-300 cheaper compared to new 12.9?

Will 12.9 too big for 5yo?

Update: Thanks guys for your suggestions. Decided to go for iPad Mini 4 when there is a deal on it as I am happy to wait too. (and save $$$$)

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    Old 12.9 2015
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    New 12.9 2017
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    New 10.5 2017


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    You should get the cheapest one called the ipad

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    Wish there was an option to say 'Don't Buy One!' That would get my vote. No 5 year old needs an iPad.

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    A 5 year old is not going to use an iPad pro to its potential, this is the highest end of the device, save some money- get a cheap ipad mini or ipad air2

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      But he will be left behind the other children as they learn the almost impossible skill of using iOS!

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    Honestly just but the standard Ipad 2017

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    This has been our experience so i'm happy for people to disagree but it's an honest answer. he is 4 yr old

    As for which one i'd still go a mini the size is easier to handle easier for them to hold.even at 5. i have nephews who have no money issues and they still use the mini just for the size factor.
    Cheaper and the tough spill proof case was a good investment.

    Our little bloke has had his for about 2 years we bought him Ipad mini with a tough case that could take spills and the odd drop

    We locked down certain aspects of it and hid some others so the pages he goes to he can get to the apps he plays with. but can't get onto the net stuff like that and whenever we download a new app we make sure it's locked down so he can't get to places he shouldn't be.

    A couple of other things we use it for is at night as a white noise generator

    Invaluable on flights if you travel for the games and etc. for his age.

    Going to the doctors take the ipad and headphones and he sits and plays while were talking to the doc.

    He has a couple of toys that run from the Ipad which is actually getting him interested in cause and effect (basic programming) he has one that he can put a sequence of events like turn left turn right go forward etc. just by dragging and dropping different coloured blocks.

    Obviously i help him with those ones at first but he soon gets the hang of it.

    If he starts getting cranky about things we take it off him and let him play with toys or something else

    Were lucky he has been demanding with it he'll play for a while even draw etc. on it then go play with toys and if it disappeared for a couple of days he wouldn't actually miss it. (out of sight out of mind i guess)

    He has started taking a liking to my Game Consoles i only let him play mario kart from time to time.

    I guess thats our experience but we said we wouldn't at the beginning, then we thought what the hell before we start replacing phones it's been fine.

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    Just get the cheapest refurb iPad mini or regular iPad available from
    You still get 12 month warranty and has option to get apple care if wanted.
    Let's be honest, it's just going to be used to watch Minecraft videos and talk shit to Siri.

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    Ops next post will be. Why does it cost so much to replace a broken screen on an $800+ ipad?

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    … it's a 5yo, why not buy them a cheap Android? 5yos don't care about pricy brands, are unlikely to treat it carefully because they don't truly understand the pricetag, have sticky fingers and will get it dirty, and their motor skills are still developing so it could easily be dropped.

    Or you could just spend the money on toys, books or art supplies which would be far more appropriate purchases for a 5yo imo.


      5yos don't care about pricy brands

      Billions of dollars spent every year ensures 5 year olds care a lot about brands. That is really naive.


      Whilst I agree Android will be cheaper, sometimes it is also about what other devices are in the house. If I have paid apps on my iPhone, I can then share them on the iPad without buying it again.

      Realistically this question should come down to what else is used in the house and then just find the cheapest version. Also, find out what is used at the school so they can get familiar with the same device. An iPad Pro is a waste of money for a 5 year old. Send it to me and I will give you my iPad and let me know if the 5 yr old complains about the difference.

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        The difference between Android and iDevices of similar specs is hundreds of dollars, you would have to have a LOT of paid apps for it not to be cheaper buying an Android and simply rebuying the apps for it I would think.

        Agree with checking what the school wants, but I don't think many Primary schools use anything at all, especially not for Prep students. My co-worker's oldest kid only just required a laptop now and it's his first year of high school.

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          The 5-6 year olds in my daughter's reception class use iPads for Math work as well as literacy exercises.

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    OP - you are either trolling or a xxxx

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    Why the f$&k aren't you buying your kid a macbook air with 32gb ram and 2tb ssd?? You're a s+#t parent.

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    Our kids 6 and 10 have iPad minis. Much better size for small hands and far more portable.

    In my opinion you don't need an iPad Pro.

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      In my opinion you don't need an iPad Pro.

      But how do you out parent the other parents at your kids preschool?

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    get the kid play dough or something.

    I feel this is a troll thread, imitating this.

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    Please make sure you get the rose gold finish so your child will know it is loved.

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    Your 5yo doesn't need an iPad lol

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    I'm interested to see how all these iPad/iPhone raised children will turn out as adults. Don't think it's going to be pretty.

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      Yup. Kids do the darndest things. Wether it is a $100 cheap tablet or a $1000 top of the line. They will manage/find ways to break them.


    I was stunned to find out that an iPad was required for my five year old grandkids when starting school or kindy and what they where already learning on them. My Daughter can log into their iPads and see what they are doing at school when she is at work and also message with their teacher. So does a five year old need a iPad? Apparently yes. What ever you choose just make sure it insured not for just in case it gets broken it will get broken.


    1) don't buy a pro
    2) if you really must, get the 10.5
    3) really though don't buy a pro

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      Thx, moving to iPad mini 4.


        My 7 year old has an iPad Mini first gen and we're eyeing off a replacement for it as it's become slow as crap. He's keen on the larger screen of the normal iPad so we will probably head in that direction.

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    Make sure to get one with cellular so they will be the coolest kid at the park. It will also help you track it down when they lose it.

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    What is really happening to kids these days??? Is it really gone were the days they used to play and be contented with just empty bottles and empty cardboard boxes??? Kids needs to do more movement and exercise for their physical development.

    I think parents these days lack the "PATIENCE" to raise children properly and instead give them a quick remedy(buying gadgets like iPad) to avoid tantrums and childish behaviours.


      Agree. Its starting to be like gone are the days kids play catch… Tag… Ride a pushbike around the park.

      All those socially interactive activities.


      Times have changed, and kids need to develop a level of competency with technology, because this is part of their generation. There is also nothing wrong with them being entertained by it sometimes". But I agree that it should not replace normal physical activities and play time. I can't stand it when I see toddlers carry an iPod around as they would any other toy, chucking it around. Our child has a 10" Chuwi (Chinese tablet, ~$200, does apps, movies, etc.) and only gets to use it at certain times. She is also taught to treat it with care and respect.


      Seems so:(

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