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$0 eBook: Astronomy! A Conceptual Introduction from The Big Bang to That Asteroid Heading Right for Us [Amazon]


By Wouter Montfrooij and Lanika Ruzhitskaya, 647 pages, published Jan 3, 2015

Amazon's Description:

Looking up at night we see many stars: some dim, some bright, some red, some blue and the rest white. It is almost inconceivable how much we have learned from simply looking at them: how big and hot they are, how far away they are, whether they have planets orbiting them, and how they will die. Using telescopes, we have spotted stars that are part of far-away galaxies which are floating in an ever-expanding Universe. This book is a journey describing and explaining these mindset-altering discoveries, from the tiny meteors in our solar system to the black holes at the centers of galaxies, and even to the origins of our Universe.

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