$8500 to Repair 2012 Mazda BT50, any help?

My car broke down last Wednesday, towed to Mazda been there a week and $2000 worth of diagnostics later. Car has some debris in the fuel filter, fuel pump need replacing with the fuel lines and 1 injector.

They said they can't be sure what's causing it but it may be the fuel pump. It's out of warranty and $8500 is a lot to repair a car.

I've spoken to Mazda customer support about some assistance with the repairs because it seems to be a manufacturing defect if the car needs $8,500 of repairs to a car that was serviced regularly. Won't be back to me until Monday.

It's a 3.2L Mazda BT50 2012 with approximately 160,000 kms on the clock.

Any ideas on other paths I could take to get this repaired cheaper. Could I talk to some government body to assist?


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    What about asking a non-Mazda branded repair shop?

    What about using refurbished parts or non-genuine Mazda parts?


      I'll be looking into that if Mazda refuse to help id rather try to prove that the fault is on them and for them to pay a fair portion of the repairs first.


    Tuff ute.

    Won't it be tax deductible anyway? Work vehicle?

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    $2000 worth of diagnostics later?
    so like 15 hrs worth of diagnostics?

    i think someone is pulling your leg


      That's what they have told me, not sure should I contact department of fair trade? Or something like that for some help? They had to pull apart the fuel system.

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        You can ask them to itemize each charge and explain it. That's not a rude thing to do, and anyone who treats you like it is, is probably trying to cover something up. The more details you gather, the weaker their case and the more holes other people (us) can help you pick in it.

        tuzii is right. At $70 an hour, on the high side for an unspecialized mechanic, they would have to spend 3 and half days diagnosing to get reach that amount. A decent mechanic could pull apart an entire car engine and all, examine it and then put it all back together in that time.


          The Billy has it right stealerships charge alot more then $70 an hour I have stopped them from doing anymore work unless I can get it for free via out of service warranty.

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      Dealerships charge about $150/hour for labour, and usually its apprentices doing it.


      Yeah took the 1st yr apprentice 15hrs to find the fault. lol

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        Apprentice started job at 4:59pm, clocked off at 5pm, went home for the night, came back to work at 8am, plugged in their scan tool, found the fault in 1 minute, and logged that he finished the job. 15 hours labour.

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    Dude Stealerships are useless. Ive bought a new diesel ute a few years back and their "capped" servicing is a scam along with their warranty etc. They did everything they could to not repait under warranty, and the servicing was only capped until they actually had to do some work.

    Go on say a Mazda BT50 forum and talk to and get advice from people in the know that hace experienced this specific circumstance and also recomendations for mechanics in your area. Its usually the dodgy looking ones without the big flashy workshops that are interested in just getting you the right solution - however a Mazda BT forum would be the best start.

    Also, don't spend any more money at the stealership. Try get them to fix it under warranty but dont offer any money. If no luck then move to someone else, dont actually get them to carry out the repair because a new fuel pump I think if you shopped hard you could get supply and install for atleast half the cost, "IF" that is even the problem to begin with. Its not the first time a stealership has just gone for worst case scenario to save the hassle of actually diagnosing real issues.

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    it seems to be a manufacturing defect


    with approximately 160,000 kms on the clock.

    SO after 5 years and 160k on the clock, you now think this is a manufacturing fault? Ever thought you just got some crap in the fuel tank.

    The fact they charged you $2k to find a blocked fuel filter, $8.5k would seem about right for a fix.

    Hint they need to take a zero off both those figures!

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    Modern diesels are powerful, economical and frightfully expensive to repair. It might be able to be done cheaper, but the trick is getting a proper diagnosis. Dealerships don't seem to care about minimising your costs and just keep swapping out stuff until you leave them alone or tell them you can't afford it.


    I would instruct the Mazda dealer to not incur any more charges.
    Try your luck with Mazda Australia (unlikely).
    I would be callin a diesel specialist, find one you are comfortable with and getting your vehicle the hell out of that Stealership.
    My first phone call would be to MTQ in Acacia Ridge.


    What were the symptoms?
    What is the diagnosis of the problem? $2000 charge is labour only?
    What have they quoted to do for $8500?

    How much was it worth before it broke down? You might be able to save some by selling as-is, to reduce your losses.

    I once bought a car on ebay that needed a $14000 engine replacement. The owner lost the legal action against the manufacturer and a year of her life. After I cleaned out the oil gallery in the turbo with oven cleaner, it didn't need a new engine any more. I think they used divining rods to diagnose that one.


      After I cleaned out the oil gallery in the turbo with oven cleaner,

      How does that work?
      A restriction or total blockage to the oil feed line for a turbo would only have an effect on the turbos core.


        Residue restricted the oil draining back to the sump, so overflowed the turbo seals, leaking oil into the exhaust = Plumes of Smoke.


    What I would do is take it somewhere other than the stealership for another diagnosis and then get used parts from a wrecker and do some research and replace the items myself….. Don't be scared to try this as it's not that hard. Google is your friend.

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