[FAKE] QC35 at $160.. @bigtimebuy - any suggestion if this is genuine?

QC35 in less than $160 free shipping


Any suggestion if they are genuine Chinese website?

Mod: Item is fake, do not purchase.

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  • That really is a deal that looks too good to be true. If anyone does get the deal and items are delivered ok well done on giving it a go.

  • It looks fake to me, but I'm no expert

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    This link answers your own question.


    Faker than pamela andersons bazookas

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      Man, I thought they were natural

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      Q:Are you selling a fake
      A:We call our products a "OEM", this made in China with same original standards

      Q:Why it's cheap
      A:This just a headphone and wihtout (sic) any high technial (sic) needed, that cost only around 100 something, Beats selling is a expensive price, we offer low price but just same quality.

      My reaction

  • You'll get what you paid for although, most Bose products are themselves made in China.

  • Q:Can I return it if it's not real
    A:If you looing a 100% Beats porducts, sorry we don't have, but if you looking a cheap headphone it same or meet the beats quality, Yes! we offer.

    • If you want to be optimistic, you can interpret that as a lowkey jab at the quality of beats headphones.

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    As genuine as salim mahajer wife face

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    Tried to submit a 1 star review of the item. Says sent to webmaster for approval.

    • just tried to do the same 1 star review fake item

  • scam

  • 100 genuine imitation

  • Looks like the reviews are fake too. Cut and paste from a different product. Haha

    High quality case and cables.

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