Car Insurance Renewal Grace Period

My insurers grace period is 21 days. Is there anything that stops me from using that grace period, which is effectively free and then going to another insurer?



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    Personally I wouldn't be comfortable with it. Trying to make a claim in a grace period probably gives them more reason to screw you over.


    That's what it is for.

    If you did make a claim in that period, you would have to pay the premium within that period also.


      Yep! they would deduct your premium from any claim
      any claim would void the grace period anyways



      Read your insurance PDS about grace periods.

      My understanding of grace periods is that is applied when you elect to renew your insurance with the same insurer.


    No, but if you plan on doing this 365/21 times you must be bored


    I pay annually. So what I mean is that you get an extra 21 days to pay your annual premium, during which you are covered. I understand that if you need to claim then you pay the premium. But if you don't need to pay then you don't pay anything in that 21 days if you move somewhere else.

    I don't think it's morally right to do but thought I would float it here.