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1000/2000 Points (Worth $5/ $10) with $50/ $100 Jetstar, Dymocks, Country Rd, City Beach, Redballoon Gift Cards @Woolworths 30/8

Earn 1000 Bonus Points (worth $5) with these $50 Gift Cards
  • Jetstar
  • Dymocks
  • Country Road
  • City Beach
  • RedBalloon
  • Best Restaurants
Earn 2000 Bonus Points (worth $10) with these $100 Gift Cards
  • Jetstar
  • Country Road
  • City Beach
  • RedBalloon
  • Best Restaurants
This is part of Father's Day deals for 2017.

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  • +1 vote

    So I can buy a $100 Jetstar voucher for $95 (ewishcard) - $10 points = $85 (15%) off.

    any idea if these are Single Use (use it all or lose it) or can you use it multiple times? Can you use thewm to pay for Price Beat (since they've intro'd credit card fee's for price beat, this might be an even better way to pay)

    • yes exactly what Idid last time

      fantastic 15% off!

      on the T&Cs of the card (but not on the back of the card) it says single use only
      not sure about price beat, I havent done it for a while since jetstar international seems to be the cheapest anyway,

      a trick is to buy the $50 cards, so if your total is $580, you can pay $550 and pay the rest on credit card

    • You can use multiple gift cards in one flight booking, also ok for pricebeat

    • Hi supabrudda.

      Is the 15% off. work as follows:
      I buy wish e-gift cards worth150$ (online via cash rewards):
      Once i get the e- gift card, i use it in store to buyv150$ of jetstar goft card and get 3000 bonus points.
      Use that voucher to purchase a jetstar ticket ?

      Hope 2 c ur reply soon.


      • It will work like that.For me, i will buy $100 jetstar giftcard first and get 2000 points then buy $50 and get $10 off and get 1000 points. In that case, you only need to buy $140 egiftcards from worthwools
        For a bonus, if you have flybuys, go to coles this wednesday and get $50 coles mastercard to buy woolworths egiftcard to get a further $5 off ;) hope this help

        • Thanks Hihi
          Really helpful.
          How do i get a further 5$ off using coles mastercard to buy woolies egift card ?

        • Also can v use this woolies egift card for our regular grocery shopping ?

        • @Hassan9033: this week at coles, they have a sale for coles prepaid mastercard when you buy $50+5.. activation fees, you will receive 2000 flybuys points (=$10). If you search on the search engine with the word " prezzee", when you buy $100 and pay by apple pay they will give you $10. So for $155, you will have like $10 coles flybuys dollars and $162.5 worths of woolwortha egiftcards then buy the jestar giftcards

        • @hihi:
          Thanks hihi.
          Thats a perfect deal for me..

    • @supabrudda please reiterate.. I'm an avid jetstar price beat user. Are they now charging a CC fee? For your info: when they send you the payment link on price beat you can use a voucher


        Thanks, that's great to know as I'm also a price beat user.
        Yeah last time they sent me a link, it was like the final payment page of a normal booking, so you can select your payment options & it included the CC surcharge (not that it's much these days)

        • Yes as I recall there is a minor fee appearing on the final payment page but that fee is never incorporated into the final payment. It's a glitch in the system. I did query it the first time it occurred and was told by chat that there is no fee and it would not be charged

  • Can you buy multiple giftcards in one transaction and still get the same multiple of points?


      Yeah I'll have to wait to see the catalogue T&C's (they're not in the Op's pic).

    • Yes you can up to 10 cards, you get 2k points for each card.

  • Does anyone know if jetstar gift cards can be used to book jetstar 3K flights from Singapore to Vietnam?

    • +2 votes

      Alas not

      From the website T&C's

      Gift Cards can only be used on the Australian website for flights departing Australia (this may include a return flight, where the initial flight taken was departing Australia).


      • why thank you supabrudda! I should hang my head in shame for not going to their website to investigate further.

    • I tried to buy return flight before BUT from Perth to Ho Chi Minh city (transit in Singapore).

    • Carwashhair a word of warning.. jetstar are renowned for cancelling flights within Vietnam as they did with me twice last feb/ march. Vietnam Airlines cancel less flights

      • Did they refund you? If yes, did you have to purchase the 'refundable' option ?

        • They bump you onto the next flight. They can list multiple flight times eg like 4-5 flights over a 6-8 hr period. Knowing they WILL cancel some of them, one needs to try to pick which flight they may not.

        • @binatang: Ahh, thanks for that. But then what are those extra purchasing option for then …

  • Which card can be used to topup Opal ? Dymocks ?

  • Bought 10 $100 jetstar and got credited $100. Max 10 cards.

  • I did it in 5 transactions as I had $200 gift vouchers but I probable should have done it all in 1 go.

  • Just noticed from T&Cs that Jetstar Gift cards have a 6 months expiry:

  • Is the max of 10 cards, per shop or per rewards card?

    I've got a $1600 purchase coming up and wondering if I buy 16 cards, I would still get the bonus points?