This was posted 11 years 1 month 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

  • expired

Free Full Fable 2 Download for Xbox 360


This link describes how to get a free copy of fable 2 for your xbox 360. Make sure you follow the steps properly. I am currently downloading the game already for my 360

Enjoy :)

Update: Looks like it has expired

Update 2: Some people are still having success with this, so worth a try still.

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  • wha? insane

    • looked like it was going to work for me
      and then BAM! NO FABLE FOR YOU.

  • "Sorry This item is not available for purchase from Xbox LIVE Marketplace on the Web."

    Didn't work for me, and I have the latest updates and tried with different browsers (including IE).

    • Likewise, Chrome and IE both failed with that error.

  • It still says free but when I try download it. I get this message:

    This item is not available for purchase from Xbox LIVE Marketplace on the Web."

    It is not showing as free through the actual store on the Xbox360.

  • yeah same as elephant doesnt work for me

  • i am set to international not aus too.. i cant think of any other setting off the top of my head.. anyone know if there is a region switch that might help?

  • Wow. Worked perfectly. Downloading it now,
    I simply followed the link to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and the item is shown as "Already Purchased".
    Did not change the region or anything. SImply clicked "Download to Xbox 360", log in and done. Thanks,

  • I have a Xbox Live Membership.

    If you try this and it works, let us know if you have Live Gold.

    It did not work for me.

    Also, Noted the link takes you to the USA Store.

    • If its dewnloaded from the USA store is it region locked for USA? Or region free?

  • I got the free page but doesn't work for me.

  • Shows as $19.99 for me. When I attempt to sign in and download it, it tries to charge me $59.99

    EDIT: Nvm, followed the wrong link! Attempting to get it now..

  • Doesnt work for me. I got aussie xbox live gold account, signed in onto marketplace via your link and it says unavailable..

    please help quick, i want this!

  • wahhhhh i want this but it doesn't workk

  • I see 6 positives. Maybe these people can tell us what browser they used, if they had a gold membership, and anything else that could help others here? I'm sure most of those here that couldn't get it to work did follow the instructions as per the link.

  • I just registered a US Live account and it did not work with that either.

  • I think its dead now, but I'm still trying to work out how some people managed to get the deal while others not. Maybe you need your credit card details in the account? I don't think its a browser issue as some people reported success with firefox,chrome,IE and even using an iphone.

    No success for me. Have a gold account and a silver account. Neither worked on Firefox, IE, or chrome.

    • This worked for me. Thanks.

      (Edit: Actually, I just realised both sites link to the same page on Marketplace. Silly me.)

  • not sure why it isnt working, i first signed in to the usa site separetly, then i went to the link, and was allowed to download it. I was afriad that i might not work (region), but it is working now :)

  • oh i use Chrome

  • i also have a xbox live gold account, but i did get the xbox live gold code from overseas, not sure if that makes an difference, since im still an australian account

  • bah doesn't work for me either

  • hmm looks like it could be expired now

      • Still says free - i just tried it

        • Yes it still says free but does it work?

          There are 2 links for Fable II. 1 says it's free and 1 says it's $19.99, but does the free one still work? Because it's definitely not working for me..

          • @manbearpig: it's asking me for credit card details, I'm not willing to put anything in (I'm not interested in fable unless it's free)

      • +1

        At what time did it work?

        • i can still see the free link, but get the error when i click download to xbox

          • @heathwithnoteeth: I tried abt 10 mins before posting and its still downloading for me

  • 19.99 on XBL USA and 59.95 on XBL OZ. A 200% markup for what? A website re-direction?
    No wonder Bill Gates can be so charitable, bloody thief.

    • +2

      If you think Bill Gates has anything to do with the pricing of xbox live games you're gravely mistaken

      • I contend that MS maintains its longstanding corporate culture developed under Gates for decades and that his influence would be marginally less significant than his years as CEO.

  • glitch fixed
    btw you can buy a Game Of The Year edition from JB for $34
    including all the other episode (DLCs)
    I believe

  • It still says free, but not able to download.


    This item is not available for purchase from Xbox LIVE Marketplace on the Web.

  • +2

    I tried this about 10 minutes after it was posted here and even then it was saying "Sorry. This item is not available for purchase from Xbox LIVE Marketplace on the Web."

    • yea same.. tried heaps of things, diff browsers, diff links, diff international settings, it was never gonna work. Some ppl just got lucky i guess?

  • OP, this hasn't expired. It's just some people are able to get it to work and some can't. People on slickdeals are still reporting that it's working for them. What if you need a Gold membership? Anyone with a silver membership got it to work?

  • Appears to be working for me :)

    Edit: Chrome, Gold account, Au. Queued up on the marketplace no problems.

    • wow lucky you… maybe i should try it again LOL

    • I'm starting to think you need a Gold membership for it to work..

      • I have tried Firefox, Chrome, Opera. I have gold membership. I have tried whilst logged into Live on the x360 and also when logged out. All the same result. No go.

        • Gah, damn this. I'd rather it not work at all for anyone if it'll only work for some. That way I won't be wasting my time trying to get it to work. As long as it works for some, there has to be something we're missing.

          • @manbearpig: yeh but it isnt browser, and it isnt gold or silver account.. i cant see its any international setting.. who knows.. its prolly something totally out of our control like what particular server at xbox ur details are stored on are something arbitrary like that

      • I've been a gold member for 3 years.
        I still am =S

    • Do you have a credit card/money account hooked up?

      • yes it isnt that either

  • Hi guys - this just worked for me at 7:00pm on 16/10/10

    • Just thought I'd add to clarify.

      I have a gold account - clicked on the link in firefox and it worked straight away.

  • I can confrim that this just worked for me at 8:42PM AEST (QLD time, lol) using Internet Explorer and the link from the article provided by Twisted. I am currently an Australian XBOX Live GOLD member, with the 6.59GB download sitting now at 4%. Many thanks! :D

    (Edit: Actually, I just realised both OP's and Twisted's sites link to the same page on Marketplace. Silly me.)

  • Worked for me too as of about 5 minutes ago.

    Windows 7 64 bit
    Google Chrome
    Silver XBOX Live account

  • I've tried in both XP and 7 (64-bit), with a variety of browsers, doesn't seem to make a difference, as I only get that error message. Looks like it only works for selected accounts, possibly due to a database issue as mentioned on slickdeals

  • I'd say it's only for "LUCKY" accounts
    mine is unlucky =(

    I tried at different places and it didn't work =/

  • I've been doing a bit of snooping around and have realised the connection between this download and the free fable 2 episode 1 DLC; i've looked around other websites for links to the old episode free download, and sure enough it brings you to the free full game download page, which makes it seems as if microsoft have mistakenly swapped the episode with the full game on their servers. From many user accounts on ecogamer, I have concluded that you need to have already had the fable episode 1 in your download queue to actually download it, so by that logic I doubt it is the luck of the draw. TL;DR - if you have already downloaded the free fable 2.episode 1 DLC, you should be able to score this.

    • I was starting to think that was the link, what with all the people saying it says they already own the game even if they don't (they must have downloaded episode 1 before).

      • It worked for me and I have downloaded episode 1 before so you could be right Schnell/manbearpig

        • can i confirm i have downloaded episode 1 before. And the full download worked for me!

      • I don't have episode 1 . I successfully downloaded this.

  • Is episode 1 still available to download?

  • it says that i have to be 18 ):

    • oh grow up ya whinger

  • i bought it via the web for free, my brother says he has to download it on the xbox now when he signs in…….

  • +1

    Tried 2 difference ISPs still doesn't work.

    I can see "Free" but not availble for purchase.

  • Thanks. This worked for me yesterday night.

  • Looks like it's been changed back to Episode 1 (2gb download). Yet I still can't even download that! wtf

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