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Free NIV Application Commentary Mark from Logos (Was $30.99 USD)


For those with a Logos account, this excellent commentary is free for the month of September.
Sells for $AUD43.99 at Koorong (hardback version)

(Thank you for being respectful if this genre doesn't interest you)

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    Always good to expand the library.

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    This series of commentaries is good. I met the author of the Leviticus-Numbers commentary. He's an Aussie and a top bloke. He also makes complex material easy to digest. Looking forward to reading this one on Mark. Thanks!


      I find this series hit and miss. I guess that can be true of all commentary sets.

      I do like the Matthew volume in this series. Very good balance of analysis and application. Sometimes commentaries do one or the other. I found the Matthew one did both well.



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      This one would offer you hope to get off the island, myth or not.

  • +4 votes

    Cool! Gonna read this. Thanks and Bless!

  • +6 votes

    Thanks so much! I'm pleasantly surprised there's other Logos users on here!


    Awesome, thanks

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    See also https://www.logos.com/product/45437/crucial-questions-series for a serious of "Critical Questions" from RC Sproul. Always free…

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    FYI Zondervan is a division of News Ltd and makes significant profits selling largely public domain works (bibles).

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    They do this every month. It's worth signing up to their monthly emails to be alerted to the deals. On top of the free Mark commentary, they've also severely discounted the NIVAC commentaries on Job and 1 Peter - I got both for $6.30 AUD.