Find Me a Bargain: Honda Civic 2017 RS Less than 37K

Planning to buy a Honda Civic RS , Black color with Black pack.
Went to a dealership yesterday , asking price was $39,500 but $37,500 after discount.
This includes 5 years unlimited km warranty .

Any suggestion on how to find a better price. I tried looking at Demo too, but very difficult to find a Black color demo.

Is there a time of the year when it is better to buy New/Demo car ?


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    If you go on the honda website under offers it has a deal on the auto rs hatch or sedan for $35756 or $35241 drive away respectively with $500 of extras and includes 5 years warranty. The terms say that comes with flat paint though. Not sure why the dealer gave you such a high price (maybe they aren't participating in the offer) but I would be trying to get it for under that offered price with metallic paint included.

    Edit: Just noticed you wanted the black pack as well too which seems to be $3000, which would put those prices around what you were offered.

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    I bought my car by looking through carsales (some good prices from all over the country) and then you can use that to help negotiate through your local dealer.

    This is a search of your car

  • Just a note to add to my previous comment, but on the honda website it says that the black pack is not available on the RS model. This might be because the RS already has spoilers and the only difference would be the black wheels and mirror covers. Something to ask the dealer about and look into anyway.

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  • End of financial year and new year sale runout of previous year builds.

    Also end of the month is a good time to visit dealership, they often want extra sale before end of month.

    Seriously though, don't expect a massive discount.

  • I was looking into getting an RS civic but the price completely put me off for $39,000 for that much look at the Skoda Octavia RS/WRX/GTI/Type R.

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    Thanks for your comments guys.
    just left a deposit on a Civic RS today , 34K drive away including black pack + floor matt.

    • Well done!

    • Cool, how did you get them down that extra 3.5k?

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        Got quote from one dealer and asked if the second dealer could beat it.
        And same for the 3rd and the 4th dealer and so on.

        Went to 4 dealers in total . I guess just shop around and ask them if they could beat previous offer.

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