COTD : Toshiba 8" LED Backlit Digital Media Frame Blunder.

I want to share a few words in regards to COTD deal. I know, I am too late to post it.
But, yesterday I saw someone else saying good words related to COTD. so thought to explain, if someone also had problems like me.

Based on this bargain for Toshiba 8" LED Backlit Digital Media Frame. I bought the Toshiba Digital media frame and despite of being dispatched from Australia ( they say it), it took 2 around weeks to receive the item.
When I received it, it was a normal LCD screen and manual did not say, it can play media. When complained , they refused to accept , they did any thing wrong.
I wanted to put them to fair trading dept, for selling the item with wrong specs. It was mentioned 8 inch LED backlit rather than LED panel. See the picture in the listing, it was saying LED backlit. When I asked my money back, they said, I will be charged restocking fees for change of mind. WTF. Ahhh, I thought, why I bought an item from them. I hope many would have been disappointed.
This was what, Bryan from customer service replied to me:
Thanks for your reply.

Speakers are inbuilt, as per the specs included in my previous email.

Regarding LED display, this was also explained. This product has been advertised correctly, with specs directly from the manufacturer.

If you are unhappy with your purchase, please follow below instructions for return, however a restocking fee will be applied.

To organise a return/RMA, log in to your Catch account and click ACCOUNT in the top-right.

In here there will be an option to VIEW THE ORDERS I HAVE MADE.

Later after few mails, they stopped responding and I got busy with my personal things, and had to drop the dispute. Paypal was also not convincing thing to deal outside ebay.
But, it was a wrong tactic to increase sales and I avoided Catch of the day from then ( I did purchase one more item from them, before receiving this frame)



    I wanted to gift it to my friend's birthday, Of course the item was late and from then it is lying as it is in the box from then.


    What model you received?. Does it match with what has been said on Toshiba and JB Hifi links posted on the ozb link you said?.

    If not, you can tell them about sending wrong and they should refund full.

    I had always successful with COTD in the past. They even refunded full cost after 10 months on a dvd player i bought from them.


    Its a LCD screen and not LED screen, for which I bought it.


    Sorry to say gagans, but this looks like your bad, mate! :o

    I'm not having a go at you, but it seems you don't fully understand the different screen technologies. If what you got was the LED backlit 8" LCD frame then you got what you paid for, the miscommunication is all on you dude!

    Now, if what you got was not LED backlit; but was CCFL backlit; then you'd certainly have cause for complaint!

    COTD aren't perfect, but they wouldn't be that sly! ;)


    Got one from other COTD fame link.
    Will avoid them


    gagans as people have said, you were not ripped off or mislead so I will not explain that.

    What I will explain is that there is no such thing as an LED display (Well, not in consumer displays).
    A so called "LED TV" does not have an LED display panel.
    What you have purchased is exactly the same as an LED TV which is an LCD screen with LED an backlight.
    All TV's and other devices which are being sold as LED are a normal LCD screen with LED's behind it to provide the light.

    There was no secret tactic to increase sales as the frame was described exactly as it was sold.


      Thanks for the update Anthony. Yes,I do know a little about the LED, but I did not like the way COTD advertised and sold the product to all customers, mainly the ozbargain persons. Most of the ozbargain users have some knowledge about the technology ( and if not, it is being generously shared by good users like you :) )
      Secondly, they way they behaved, was typically arrogance, I should say. They never claimed that, they said anything wrong about the product. It is obvious, LED tech. is expensive and better than LCD, so when I think LED price and given LCD, I think, i am ripped off.

      See the picture and details in listing again here at ozbargain:
      and then you will come to know, what I am telling.


        I do not think that COTD did anything wrong as they said "LED Backlit" which is correct and better than any advertising i have seen for LED TV's.
        It is the TV manufacturers who advertise their TV's as "LED TV" who are being misleading as the TV does not display using LED's
        (Their emails could have been better and they could have explained to you what LED backlit means)

        LED tech. is expensive and better than LCD

        This is where you are getting confused.
        In a consumer TV type device there is no difference between an LED display and an LCD display

        An LED display is an LCD display which had white LED's behind the LCD screen to make the light.

        An LCD display is an LCD display just like an LED display.
        An LCD display can have either LED's or a CCFL (A fluorescent light) behind the screen to make light.

        Screens which use LED's to make light are being sold by TV manufacturers as LED TV's however they are only an LCD screen.

        I know I have said that LED and LCD are the same and in consumer devices they are.

        In a consumer device LED simply means the way the screen is lit from behind.

        If you can think of the big screens they use at sporting events (Football, car racing) they are real LED screens.
        They have groups of 3 LED's which make up one pixel.
        Displays like this are not sold in TV's or other screens for consumers.

        If you wanted the photo frame to be like the LED TV's offered by Samsung and other TV manufacturers then this is exactly what you have purchased.

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