Best Dual Dash Cam?

I came to the forums to see if there were any topics on recommended car washes in Sydney but then somehow spent the last 3.5 hours reading accident threads and I'm now convinced I need to buy a dash cam asap in preparation for any incidents/accidents I might have.

Would anyone please advise which is the best performance front & back dash cam that ticks all the boxes? Also, is there an option of installation where there are no visible wires involved? Many thanks for any help provided!


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    By saying "Dual Dash" Cams I thought you were referring to a Dash Cam that takes footage in-front of the hood, and inside the cockpit.
    They're also called Taxi Cams or Uber Cams. Like the Transcend DrivePro 520.

    You should have a look at this site, its got lots of information but isn't a complete encyclopaedia:

    I think for your concerns, you should spend a lot of money.
    Its clear you like your property and it is high-value, so you should get a professional one and have it installed by Strathfield Car.
    That way there's no wires, it would record to a Black Box, and be relatively tamper proof and discreet.
    The one's that come to mind are;
    the new Lukas LK-7950 WD, the popular Thinkware F770 and the top of the range BlackVue DR750LW-2CH.

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    I had a blackvue and now I have a thinkware. Quality seems similar but the Thinkvue is a lot easier to reformat as they do ask to be done, the blackvue gave me a lot of trouble with this.
    Mine were installed by autobarn, wires are only seen going to the units on the windscreens.


      Is the Thinkvue a merge of the best features of both?

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        The interface between the thinkware and the phone via the wifi software is a bit more complicated than the blackvue. The blackvue's software is a lot easier but it's so much more tricky to format (It was supposed to be easy but it never seemed to work the way it was supposed to using the unit, and it wanted to be done more frequently - I tended to turn it off a lot because of the frequent format card messages)
        Video quality on both is quite good.


          Whooooosh ;)

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    Thank you both so much for the recommendations. I'm leaning towards the Thinkware F770 and will enquire instore at SCR this Thursday re. installation. Cheers!