iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 or iPhone 7 Plus?

Obviously can't affort iphone X however, in my opinion I don't think iphone 8 is much of a change or improvement from iphone 7? Is it just me or I'm not understanding correctly?

Also, now its just around 100$ difference between the 7 and 7+. Which do you guys think is better or much more worth it? (i'm just a bit concern with the + because of its massive size and my hands are not as big)


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    or a decent phone………one that doesn't involve apple sheeple


    I wouldnt buy an iPhone in the + variant. Theyre too big and they make me feel as if im always going to drop it. Why do you want an iPhone exactly? Is there something they do thats better than a cheaper phone?


      i've always wanted one… its on my bucket list heh. Its so tempting to buy to + as its only 100$ difference now :/


    What phone do you have now?


    I love the size of the 6s+


    Get 7.

    Or if you want a better design, fast charge (requires additional adapter and cable. Apple tested it using their macbook charger which requires lightening to usb c cable), and slightly better spec overall, get the 8.

    If you don't want a big phone, + is out of equation.

    You could consider 6s if you don't mind the physical home button and the lack of stereo speaker. (From personal experience, 2 out of 3 iphones me and my family used had loose home buttons)

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