Any 90's Z28 Camaro Owners/Fans out There? Is The Average Price around 20k?

Was looking at a 95 z28 Camaro with rego on gumtree that was going for $6900. Seem to have missed out on it, was wondering what my chances of this happening again are? Most that I see are around the 20k mark. What's the price range on them?


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    Probably the wrong forum for that question. Personally, 90s cars are a bit goldilocks. Too new to have retro style/cool and to old to be reliable/comfortable/safe.


      yep very wrong

      there's barely enough knowledge about corollas let alone collectors cars

      also OP doesnt mention rhd vs lhd and the type of motor and gearbox combo


    soz to necro, it was a rhd v6 auto, converted w/ compliance done in vic. Posted this three days after seeing these cars for the first time. Car was sold three days after I found the ad and had been sitting for three months on Gumtree. Only seen four others, ranging from 15 - 30k, all auto rhd, but with upgrades in the higher price ranges.


      protip: V8 is where its at for these cars

      V8 manual even more so

      V6 is so… yuck and worthless

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