iPhone 8 64GB Vs iPhone 7 128GB

I noticed that the price difference is just 80$ between the two. however, I can't seem to make a decision! Which is better?? any advices?


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    iphone 8. Fast charging is a must.


      You need a 29w USB-C charger (from the 12" MacBook) and a Lightning to USB-C cable for fast charging.

      Since this is OzBargain, it's worth mentally factoring in the price of those (if you don't own them already) if this is a deciding factor.


        So the cable in the box doesnt enable fast charging? Thats a bit sheet


          Included charger doesn't allow it and the chargers that do require USB-C.

          Bit of a bummer, but it is what it is. At least the hardware supports it!



          I guess thats something…

          But (just trying to figure all this out) - The cable with the samsung s8 is a USB-A to USB-C which allows fast charging (from my researching). So from that the limiting factor isnt USB-A? Or is it just that the apple version of fast charging required USB-C to lightning


          Just did a bit more, apple requires it to be over USB-C as above (idk what the deal is with samsung) but to get the stuff to do it costs $105. bloody stupid

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    Do you need more than 64gb of space? If not I would go for the newer model for any new features it has.

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    iPhone 8:

    • Faster CPU,
    • wireless charging,
    • fast charging,
    • True Tone display,
    • "Neural engine",
    • rear flash has slow sync,
    • 4K video at 60fps,
    • 1080p at 240fps,
    • Bluetooth 5.0,
    • NFC with reader mode,
    • Galileo and QZSS GPS systems,
    • Supports Dolby Vision and HDR10 content


    I'd say that's worth $80.