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Hi Community,

I just wanted to share my experience with BuzzTelco and see if anoyone else is in the same boat. (and hopefully if any rep is monitoring this thread hopefully can respond)

So I signed up with these guys sometime around June this year seeing their ad here as I was getting NBN in July. First I had my eyes on AussieBB and SkyMesh but given their price I thought I'd give these guys a go. NBN activated on 10th July and after a few days of unstable connection I started enjoying. Then just a week later I got an email notification re billing and figured my CC got charged again (even though I was just a week into my first month). Upon investigating (and finally being able to catch the support/billing line), it turned out to be a "glitch" in their billing system and they gave me the option of either leaving it there to cover my next month bill from 10th Aug to 10th Sep or paying me back which I went with first option.

Before entering into the second month, I experienced inconsistent speed so had to speak to these guys (again after chasing a lot) so they kindly asked me to provide info for chasing up which I provided to and never heard back. Hearing nothing back, I gave notice that I want to leave so asked for a cancellation of service up until 10th Sep to cover up to my upfront payment. then just a few days before cancellation I got 2 billing emails back to back that I got charged for 2 more months! upon following up, I was informed there was another "glitch" in billing system and I was promised to be called by billing team in 48 hours. Having heard nothing back I started up a chat and the support guy asked to send an email to billing with my bank details for refund. Since the email 4 days ago have heard nothing back.

Does anyone have any suggestion? Where should I be looking next?

Buzz Telco

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    Do not contact the telco until you have made a TIO complaint about this issue. If I did this to you I would be facing fraud charges. The situation is telcos screw customers by leading them through a complex script where nothing gets resolved and some people go away and so the telco makes money by defrauding people.

    Immediately contact TIO.

    Are you OK?


      Thanks. Actually have seen a google review for them apparently someone has already done it. really thinking if doing it too

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    Jump ship to Aussie broadband perhaps?

    NBN WP exclusive plans with Telecube

    I'm personally still with the HMSSS (Her Majesty's Sinking Ship Skymesh). Still find the speeds Ok for my own use and the prices I'm paying for to be very competitive, so I'm not leaving yet, but ABB is my backup plan when the ship does hit the bottom


      already switched to AussieBB and couldn't be happier. yeah not cheap but very much stable

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    Damn. I would leave if I were you. I've just been with them for less than a month. Speed wise and price wise I'm happy - haven't got the billing glitch issue (knock wood). But this current outage is giving me some grief. My wife had chew through almost 2GB worth of data from phone because my son needs to be entertained with youtube every now and then when we need a bit of peace at home.

    This morning they told it will be resolved today, and an email will be sent out to inform the reason for outages and the compensation that will be given. I hope the compensation is enough.

    I honestly missed going back to Optus (I tried ABB for a month before Buzz). Even though its not as cheap and fast, but they are quite steady. And in one time I had an outage and had to rely on mobile data, they gave me free mobile broadband and credited my extra data usage on our phone, while they sort out their outage. Now I kinda want to go back to Optus…..

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    Far out Buzz might be one of the worst ISP I have come across.

    First they took 10 days to actually connect me because activations "forgot"

    Second they triple billed me in my first week of service

    Third We've been without any internet for 24 hours now and they keep giving deadlines for reconnection but they keep passing with almost no one being connected.

    Oh yeah… the kicker is that I've only been connected with Buzz for less than 10 days.

    MASSIVE issues with this company

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    I got burnt by these idiots too. Just a WARNING to all considering signing up with these lunatics.
    Stay clear, don't waste your time or money.
    Its really worth paying the extra dollar to be with any other ISP operating in AU. Just any other !

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    Yeah been a with them for less than 3 days before this massive outage. There was Comms at first but went completely silent.

    Not sure if the company is still around.

    These things happen but the lack of any sort of communication today is not acceptable.


    No internet for 3 days now. Barely an update - and no fix. Absolute joke of a company.


    Damn, I preordered with them for my November rollout, all the comments on the deal threads were 'great service', hoping by then it will be resolved :(


    I keep refreshing email every now and then.
    Really do hope back online throughout weekend.😰


    hopeless mob. sent me an email 11 days ago to tell me someone from nbn will be here to setup the equipment. no news yet. called and got put on hold for 30 mins!!!


    Iv'e been trying to get my home number ported since the 18th of August.


      With whom did you try ? I successfully did mine from Telstra to Telecube in a matter of 5 Business Days and kept it parked there until I obtained a Gigaset IP phone.


        These idiots (BuzzShit) lost my land number (i ported my number to them).

        I going to (profanity) sue them!


          Your number should be held in quarantine for several months tell Buzz to do a CDNO to activate your number ($70 ish ) then they can port it if they won't then get in contact with the TIO.


          @UBE: do you know how long does it take for them to do that?


    Once I got the TIO involved about a week.


    I think that the CDNO keeps the number active until your provider ports it to you it took about a week for Buzz to do this with my number.


      So they basically screwed up with your number, and they got it ported back in the end within a week after you complained to TIO?


    Yes I got my number back after a lot of stuffing around.


    Getting your old ISP or new ISP to pay for the CDNO is the problem.


    I have been without a phone service from buzztelco since 12/09/17…. somthing to do with CDNO!?

    TIO have yet to investigate due to high demands on TIO services

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