Is My Micro SD Genuine?

Hi Guys.

Havent bought micro SDs for a while, but i just received some evo+ from gearbest last deal.
the chinese, and the "starjade" make me uneasy, i havent tested yet.

what do you think?

pic here


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    Considering you bought it from Gearbest it is pretty unlikely. You can always test it H2testw

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      ^ definitely this. Check it out regardless. It probably doesn't really matter that much whether it is real or not, it is more important to check whether it has the ACTUAL capacity and the advertised read/write speeds.


        Thats a big deal.

        Its the reliability that counts….. if its a fake i wouldnt use it for anything that more then to hold tv shows or movies.



    Test it and see!


    Gearbest should selling real stuffs right? Otherwise they won't survived in this forum


    Apparently they have a website which you can check the number B003345426 on the gold sticker :

    comes up as double check the serial that you input / fake

    any additional text on the back of it? try testing the capacity too


      yeah. thats not good.
      I don't know what starjade is, so i didn't want to check with their website.
      but.. even their website, does not recognise the number!

      they have to be fakes.


        Compare the back of the microsd to other pics floating on the net and run h2testw,

        looks like starjade are legitimate, nfi how old that web app for checking the serials are as they do list a number for you to call on the sticker instead


          hey Loke, can you read chinese?
          I think it might be genuine, according to the starjade website.. though, it's a bit difficult to tell using the translation.


          @elcheapoinoz: post up the translation I bought a few of these too but they haven't arrived yet, you've got me worried haha.


          I get this from the test

          if i enter some random rubbish
          I get the same thing


          it would translate as:
          You check the security code does not exist, please verify your input security code: 45734573, beware of counterfeiting!

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          Are you scratching off the scratchy section to find the correct number?
          The number youve shown in your first line is the visible number, under that is the Chinese text with grey scratch off stuff, based on the translation I got from the starjade site

          刮开此图层 - scrape this layer

          获取防伪码 - get security code.

          Or rough translation of the text on the grey part of your picture.

          刮涂层辨真假 - scratch coating something.

          Please let me know how this pans out :)


          ahhhh, i didnt know that! I'll try to scratch it off once i get home. thanks


          It "appears" to be genuine.
          with the new code it comes up as "超强性能,可靠品质;您查询的产品为三星存储产品正品行货!"
          which is "Ultra - strong performance, Possibility of product; 您 查询 产品 为 Samsung xxx product good merchandise!"

          now that i've opened the packaging, it doesnt have a lot of the tells of other fake cards, such as black sides.
          the print seems to be sharp too. the U3 and MicroSDXC is very tiny, and might not be as sharp.

          One problem though is that both on my phone, and PC, it came up as 50mb/s read 15mb/s write.. it should be twice as much,


          actually. it is genuine.
          forgot about the dodgy SD reader.
          It's now working at full expected speed.

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      I don't think the code u put in is correct, the code that op should put in is under ur code which cover by a silver coat and need to be scratch off.

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        Wish I had read all comments before writing my last comment haha. Would have saved me a bit of effort.


    One may assume it's a counterfeit unless it's from an authorised supplier.

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    What did h2testw say?


      haven't opened it in case i need to return.
      Does h2testw test the capacity and speed? ie, can't tell for sure if your card is genuine or not.
      besides my micro SD reader is not usb 3.0. meaning it might report slower speeds than it should if genuine.


      I got the same card from gearbest and h2testw reported the capacity as real. The speeds seem slow but might be my crappy tablet limiting it idk

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    just wondering is there similar program for mac ?


    i did receive the same from the same deal. Seem not original but works fine. what else you want.


    Can confirm mine arrived 4 of, and genuine check confirmed all good


    I was going to start a post, but seems there already is one!

    I also was lacking trust due to the Chinese Packaging

    As for StarJade, it is official and you can verify via Samsung CN or StarJade
    Instruction: Scratch the gold sticker and enter lower verification code (mine ends in 2530 - hoping yours doesn't also) and enter it on the site, My result was 超强性能,可靠品质;您查询的产品为三星存储产品正品行货!, which according to Google means "Super performance, reliable quality; you query the product for the Samsung storage products authentic licensed!". Sounds promising!

    For further testing I thought I'd try out f3 on my 2012 MacBook Pro (Card Reader link speed 2.5GT/s, should surely be sufficient)

    f3write: 52.89MB/s average write speed.
    f3read: 33.03MBs average read speed.

    I'm a bit concerned about the read speed on my card, which is below what I would have expected - the capacity is fine, with a full read/write coming out perfectly - but my conclusion is that the card is…


    FWIW: I bought the 64GB pictured in the Alibaba link above.

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