The Good Guys Price Guarantee?

I have recently bought a fridge from store for full price. Now the same fridge is on sale for less price with this code (
Can I do something about this? Does 30 day price guarantee applies in this case?

If so, what is the process to get the refund?

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    I have recently bought a fridge from store for full price.

    You did what?!

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      Can't you read?

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        wow - can't feel the oozing sarcasm???????

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          Sarcasm is ok after a reply that's relevant to post!

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          why not read the GG price guarantee before posting?

          you have your knickers in a knot already………

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    How does the 30 DAY PRICE GUARANTEE work?

    After buying from The Good Guys, if you do happen to find same product advertised at a cheaper price by a competitor within 30 days, you can claim the 30 Day Price Guarantee. This means we’ll give you back 120% of the price difference. We can give you the difference either as a store credit for The Good Guys via email within two working days, or as a PAY LESS eftpos card mailed to you within 21 working days. Just provide your receipt and evidence of the lower advertised price and complete the online claim form. We’ll verify the price is current and that the item is available for immediate sale and delivery. We’ll verify the details and arrange for your store credit or PAY LESS eftpos card to get to you.

    • From competitors, but not from own store? That's awkward!

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        Yeah, I had the same issue. I bought a soundbar from them with my tv and it was on sale 2 weeks later for $150 less. Emailed head office and they wouldn't price beat or match, they said that it had to be a competitor and not their own store. Rang up the store and they refunded me the $150 difference. Maybe try ringing up the store you bought it from?

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          I will ring them. Thanks.

      • Btw, thats directly from TGG website. Easily found in 30secs.

        • Yeah, even I found that on website. But posted here just to find out some other options or opinions like hussey25 reply above.

      • Aren't each of their stores franchised? So technically, they are competitors

  • just buy the same fridge again and return it on your old receipt

    • this

      OP needs hand held through life…….

  • Doh, just had the same issue with a washing machine.

    Can't use credit card insurance as I bought via eBay (with coupon) credit card only covers physical purchases.

    Can't use the good guys price guarantee (not a competitor)

    Can't rebuy and return (they charge a restocking fee)

  • Did you pay with Amex…? I'm sure they offer this as a perk..

    Otherwise, I'd simply buy another and return it on the old receipt.

    • Nope. With gift cards.. 6% off

  • A small update, now Harvey Norman has the same fridge at much lower price. Going to store to get the refund .. 120%

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