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iPhone 8 & 8 Plus 64GB, $100/Month (Normally $130) with 40GB or $120 (Normally $160) with 100GB @ Optus [Lease/24 Months]


I was looking for iphone 8 & 8 plus deals and came across the Optus limited time offer.

They have the Leasing plan on special usually $130 and now for $100 per month. You get the iphone 8 8plus 64GB on this for $0 handset repayment . With 40 GB data, (You can also go for the NON Leasing plan, where you own the handset after 24 months. $10 extra per month for non leasing plan ($110 per month) and data is 30GB per month) both plans have the following inclussions - Unlimited standard national calls and text, upto 750 international minutes to selected countries, unlimited international roaming talk and text on zone 1, 1GB international roaming data on zone 1 and included entertainment.

And $160 plan is discounted to $120 on leasing plan or $127 for non leasing plan with 100GB of data, with unlimited international calls to selected countries and 1.5GB international roaming data to zone one countries and all the other inclussions such as entertainment.

Also you could return the handset after 12 months in good working condition and pay $99 to upgrade to another new handset on 24 months contract.

They have also finally introduced esim. Which you can have same number on Apple watch 3 for $5 a month and first 6 months free. Link to deal - http://ozb.me/o/1Nq4?u=wa

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    Leasing? A bad idea I think.

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    It’s a trap!

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    Bad customer Service, don't trust optus offer, you can get trouble after bill arrived and always promise to fix and monitor issue but never resolved.

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      Have had several bad experiences with Optus. Their customer service is atrocious. Will NEVER use them again. Would rather try to send smoke signals.

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        Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman - Optus will solve the problem straight away if you have valid evidence.

        • Yeah… It actually came to that.
          Rather than trying to help me when I asked politely for it, they argued, obfuscated, and transferred me to a whole lot of different unconnected people who all needed to hear my story over and over again: then they let me go to the TIO, and then helped me after that.

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      Same, Optus is horrible. One of the worst companies I've had to deal with to get things resolved.

      Switched to Vodafone and way happier with their support.

    • Interestingly I'm with Optus and had always got great experience. Customer service is great, always helpful. Not sure why others got bad experience.

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    what is with These service providers wanting to keep your phones now. Telstra sent me a message that i can upgrade my S7 to a S8 a few months early. when i looked at the fine print it said i had to give them my S7.

    I'm sure Iphone users would of jump at the chance. ;D

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    Screw leasing - but lets have a look at the owning plans optus have atm

    Lets do some calcs: $110pm for phone + 30gb data x 24 = 2640
    $127pm for phone + 100gb data x 24 = 3048

    low to Medium data with optus: $40pm for unlimited talk and text, 15gb data x 24 = 960 (12 month contract)
    iphone 8 64gb outright with apple: $1079.
    Total = $2039

    Medium data with optus: $70pm for unlimited talk and text, 25gb data x 24 = 1680 (12 month contract)
    iphone 8 64gb outright with apple: $1079.
    Total = $2759

    Large data with optus: $25pm for unlimited talk and text, 3gb data x 24 = 600 (12 month contract)
    $70pm for 140gb data shared to mobile x 24 = 1680 (12 month contract)
    iphone 8 64gb outright with apple: $1079.
    Total = $3359

    So if you are after a medium 20gb + plan this deal works out pretty decent. Still hard to imagine paying almost 3k for a phone over 2 years.

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    $100 a month to borrow a phone? Uhhhh no thanks.

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    We want to pay and own the phone, not pay and borrow the phone.

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      And $160 plan is discounted to $120 on leasing plan or $127 for non leasing plan with 100GB of data

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        That's why OP needs to change the title one way or another. Currently it feels like bait and switch.

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    Sorry but awful deal. You can definitely find something better.

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    Wow bad deal… And cause it's iPhone makes it worse!

  • When they say "lease"- anyone know if you can salary sacrifice like a cars novated lease?

    • You can, if your payroll lets you and the phone is "primarily" for work purposes.

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    Lease 😂🤣 worse than afterpay 😵

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      Definitely worse than foreplay :p

    • +1

      Genuinely curious… what is wrong with afterpay?

      • +1

        It's afterplay. Typo

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    $100 and only to lease? Wowweee!!

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      RU OK?

  • Not sure why my neg got revoked. I negged it because the deal is about leasing (this point was also missing from title) a phone and doesn't let you keep the phone at the end of contract without paying extra.

  • Leasing might not be the worst option for those who want to upgrade every year.

    I currently pay around $40 for mobile, but I’d pay a maximum of maybe $50 if I were on one of the plans advertised, since I don’t pay for internet at home (especially for a plan that includes Optus Sport). So I’ve selected the $108 plan.

    The iPhone 8 plus with 256 GB would cost an extra $58/month, which works out to 696. Add the $100 for upgrading every year and you’re paying about $800 for the phone/year. No need to worry about reselling your phone and so on.

    To be honest I’d prefer the leasing options that Apple offers in the US, because they include Applecare+ and the Optus plan appears to require you to pay full price for repairs.

    • +1

      The AUP "includes" AppleCare+ but you pay for it in the price of the lease.

      • Yes, you’re right. Wonder if the Optus plan allows you to purchase something like Applecare+?

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      If you want to upgrade every year then get a normal contract and sell your phone after 12 months. I worked for a telco and all the employees wondered why customers would fall for leasing. But most people don't use ozbargain I suppose.

      • That’s very true and that’s what I do personally but like I said, some people don’t like going out and meeting strangers to exchange large amounts of money. For some people it could be a relatively small amount of money to avoid what can be a lot of hassle. Trying to sell my iPhone 7 atm and am frustrated by people continuously low-balling me and pestering me for trades.

        • +1

          You don't have to meet strangers when you sell on eBay. I've sold every phone that I've owned on there in the last 10 years and only one if them collected it. He was 15 years old lol.

        • @carleast: And you lost 12-15% on ebay fees, shipping and packaging ! Wow thats almost a $100 lost for a middlemen , how difficult is it to sell on Gumtree or facebook classifieds. eBay is only for buying using 20% coupon, not pay back to them in ebay fees. Thats not ozbargain'ish paying ebay fees

  • As far as I remember, 3X Nokia 95 and 3 X Note 4 Edge lasted for < 3 years in my cases. Maybe lease is a better option for me.

    • Lasted < 3 years

      Out of curiosity, what happened to them?

      • dead - one by one within 2 months. All dead.

        • Mmh. In that case its more to do with a warranty claim. I doubt taking a lease will solve your problem. With or without lease, if the phone dies within 2 months, you just have to make a warranty claim. Downside with the lease is you are paying to use the phone and not keep it.

          Based on the 100gb plan in this deal:
          $120 per month to lease the phone
          $127 per month to buy the phone

          Instead of leasing the phone, don't you think its better to pay $7 more per month so you get to keep the phone once the contract ends? Its $10 more per month to keep the phone if one goes with the 40gb plan.

        • @Harshad:
          all 3 of my note edge in in two months - so all these 3 phones lasted around 33 months.
          Nokia the same story - around 30 months.
          Of course, we don't look after our phones that much - apart from a protective case.

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    Lease? Really? And it's only $10/month more to buy? Since you don't get to own the phone at the end of the lease, it should be about 1/4 of the price.

    Note to mods: Negging because major issue with retailer. Leasing phones is the new cancer of phone plans. It's right up there with 28 day plan cycles. They have massive balloon payments and if the phone does not come back in 100% original condition, they lump you with more fees and they will find any excuse to add on those fees. Absolutely disgusting behaviour.

    Oh, and Optus network/customer service. Nuff said.

  • +2

    Optus suck, I struggled to get any decent reception in Sydney's inner west.

    Lucky my 2 year plan is nearly finished, will be changing to another provider as soon as possible.

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