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Life Is Strange -Complete Season- Now US $4.99, Was US $19.99 (Now AU $6.26, Was AU $25.08) from Humble Store


I freakin loved this game, and I typically never get into adventure games!

Overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam.

The less you know about the game, the more you'll enjoy it.

I actually originally attained this game through less than legitimate means, but I'm buying it to support the devs (and some charities through Humble Store).

Edit: Cheaper than G2A!
Edit 2: Possibly cheapest ever?

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    Should I play this or Before the Storm first?

    • THIS. I loved it so so much. I will say, it toyed with my emotions

    • Definitely play the original game first. For starters, only the first episode of Before the Storm has been released at present and also, playing the prequel first will ruin Life is Strange because BtS explores character backstories which are a mystery that you solve in the first game.


        Thanks! I'm actually in the weird situation of having played both Ep. 1 of LiS and Ep. 1 of BtS but nothing else.

        The first episode of LiS didn't quite grab me when I played it years ago so I never got around to finishing the series, but I did like the first episode of BtS recently so I'm thinking I probably should back-track (forward-track?) and complete the original! And it's ages before the next episode of BtS is released anyway. :)

        • Well, I think you've already spoiled later episodes of LiS a little, but there shouldn't be too much harm done. Definitely complete the original now - you won't regret it! Episode 1 is definitely the slowest, which did turn some people off. It gets more and more dramatic as the story unfolds.

  • My "This contains propaganda" sense was tingling. Confirmed via Binging. It sounds like it's ok after a while but it's awfully troubling how common this is in media.

    • +2 votes

      What kind of propaganda, friendo? I've played through all 5 chapters and no alarms went off in my mind. If it's spoilery, feel free to shoot me a private message.

    • Some people think it has a feminist/liberal agenda. Most don't

    • I think it's more that it's written for teenagers than anything. Oh, and the protagonist is female…

  • great game and story.. recommended!

  • I was not a huge fan of this game.

    It got so much praise but the acting really put me off.

    I'm not even bothered by the ending, which many people complained about. Well actually I am, but my complaint is a completely different issue. More on that later.

    What bothers me is a game mechanic that has no logical explanation. I can accept that she rewinds times, like a form of mental time travel. I don't care how she does that, it doesn't violate any causality.


    But when she rewinds, her position does not change, and any item she picked up before the rewind stays in her pocket. This is key to solving the game's puzzles. So for example, a door is locked and you can't find a key or pick the lock. You get some explosives and blow open the door, then enter. Then you rewind to before you blew up the door, however you remain inside the locked room that you couldn't have entered without blowing it up. The door remains in tact, and you unlock it from inside for your friend to enter. How did you create a bomb? The dunce of a science student you helped out in class earlier somehow knew how to create a bomb using common household items and guided you over a few SMS mesages. But I'll let that one slide.

    What I can't get over is that the rules of rewind make no sense. It allows you to have your cake and eat it. Time travel? Not technically impossible. But keeping items you picked up, after rewinding to the point before you picked them up is impossible. The state of the world partially reverses when you reverse time, but not all of it does. The game is selective and arbitrary about which parts revert and which parts don't. It allows you to perform impossible feats. Another example, you need to get onto the roof of a building very quickly to save someone's life but it's normally impossible to cover that kind of distance with the short time you have. A student is going to jump off and you only have a few seconds. How do you do it? You get as far as you can, then watch her jump. You revert to the point before she jumps, but your position does not revert with everything else. You stay at the spot you got to, get as far as you can again, and she jumps again. You rewind once again, but again you yourself don't rewind. Only the world around you does (though you keep any items you picked up). Then you continue further. You keep doing this until you get to the roof. The same few seconds keep playing out for everyone, but you've had minutes to get to the roof. Every time you rewind you are buying yourself time. If you keep doing this, you could theoretically run thousands of KM from one end of the continent to the other end and to everyone else, only a few seconds will have passed. This lack of believability and logic ruined any immersion I had while playing it.

    If you use time travel to change the past, that's fine. This is still logically consistent. But if you use it to do physically impossible things that break logic, it's something I wasn't able to forgive. In conjunction with some of the worst voice acting I've ever heard (something like 5 actors play the roles of 20 people, and their attempts to change their voices for different characters is cringeworthy), I have to give this game a 5/10. I haven't even mentioned how awful the hair looks. I should add not all voice actors were bad. Only most of them. Even the better ones had room for improvement.

    The game tries to lead you to believe there are consequences when you time travel too much by giving you nose bleeds. But these are cosmetic and don't affect your ability to continue using it, or the plot. Although story wise there actually are consequences, but that is another bit of illogic that bothers me. However I won't get into that for spoiler reasons.

    I did have a big issue with the ending, but it's not the issue everyone else is complaining about. I obviously won't discuss the ending here though. There also seems to be some bugs. At the end of a chapter it summarizes all the decisions you made. It got some of my decisions wrong. And the game reflected that in subsequent chapters. It registered incorrect decisions for me and I had to accept consequences for decisions I did not make. But most of those decisions didn't really matter in the grand scheme of things.

    Do I think you shouldn't buy it? No. I seem to be in the minority. You probably won't take issue with the things I did, so go for it. That was just my 2c. I will not play the sequel or the prequel. I don't regret playing it because I still needed to see what the fuss was all about, but I was severely disappointed after all the praise it got.

    If you're going to downvote this, at least offer a reply as to why.

    • Reply as requested. Your post was ridiculously long and from the small portion I skim read, mostly subjective opinion. Downvoted.

    • Many games use a similar game mechanic as the rewind thing. And movies too, like Dr Strange…

      If you decide to not let the game mechanics bother you, the story is OK.

  • oh great deal! I love this game! You really engage in it because you make a lot of the decisions!