UBER - New User Sign Up Promo Code

UBER forces me to think like this … I know this isn't right but their system is flaw.

So I signed up for UBER few years back but never ever do any trip.

And now when there's a need for a real travel using UBER, all am seeing is the promo code only works for a brand new user signing up to UBER.

Anyway .. enough rant …. Will the below work?

1) Sign up using my wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/fiance/ex-lover/daughter/son/grandfather/grandmother.
2) Apply promo code (now it should accept it since it's a brand brand brand new user).
3) Pretend to be the wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/fiance/ex-lover/daughter/son/grandfather/grandmother on the pickup day (not that the driver will care anyway).

Will the above work?

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  • yes, as long as you use their number/different sim for the account
    the driver wont care - say your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/fiance/ex-lover/daughter/son/grandfather/grandmother/daddy booked it for you

  • So I'll admit that I tried to pull this off; it's actually quite difficult because of the security measures that Uber has put in place.

    You need to use a new phone, new phone number and new credit card number to be fully identified as a new user.

    I tried new number + new card and yet it was still able to determine I'd already used the promo, so I think it sends my UUID of my iPhone to Uber servers. YMMV, maybe different on Android? Can't comment though.