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40% off Mens Grooming Products, Beard Oils $17, Moustache Wax $8 Plus FREE SHIPPING @ Mr Hardy's


MR HARDYS has a 40% off spring sale on selected male grooming products, including scented natural beard oils, moustache wax, shaving cream, body wash and more.

Irish Moss Beard Oil 30ml now $17 https://www.mrhardys.com/collections/on-sale/products/irish-...

Proraso Pre-Shave Cream 300ml now $24 https://www.mrhardys.com/products/proraso-pre-shave-cream

4 Piece Safety Razor Polished Chrome Wet Shaving Set now $267 https://www.mrhardys.com/collections/on-sale/products/merkur...

Head To Tail Shampoo & Body Wash 240ml now $15 https://www.mrhardys.com/collections/on-sale/products/lucky-...

Shave Oil and Beard Combo 30ml each now $27 https://www.mrhardys.com/collections/on-sale/products/shave-...

Oak Moss Moustache Wax 15g now $8 https://www.mrhardys.com/collections/on-sale/products/oak-mo...

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    We like to see prices. Bargains have prices.

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    At OzBargain the description area resembles a shop window. Invest 3 minutes adding 4+ example bargains with direct links and obviously prices to maximise Members' interest. Your 'edit' button is between 'view' and 'revisions'.

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    Plus $6.95 for postage under $75.

    Would be nice to know the amount of (for instance) Beard Oil in the bottle to compare to rival products. Very few products seem to show the quantity, and only if it's printed on the box.
    "$11 off" is all well and good but if it's half the size of the bottle of its competitors, it's not a (Oz)Bargain.

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      You can get free shipping when you use the code shipforfree17

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        Good move.

      • But you were asked about the contents.

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    Plus-voting because Associated OP has shown initiative with a free shipping code, although $15.00 is not 40% off $24.00 https://www.mrhardys.com/collections/on-sale/products/lucky-... and OP's title and description both declare 40% off.

  • Are the beard oils 10ml or 30ml? Doesn't state on the site (or I'm blind)

    • Good question.

    • +1

      All of the beard oils on sale are 30ml

      • That is good information. It would not take 1 minute to add it to your description.

  • https://www.mrhardys.com/collections/face-moisturiser/produc...

    My favorite moisturizer, best price I've seen for it.

  • Beard oil & mo wax? Christ, why not throw in some bikini wax. I mean seriously, what happened to just having a beard.

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