Bed Sheets and Covers

Looking for good value for money places to buy sheets and a doona.

Not really sure what kind of money I should expect to pay for these as I have never bought my own, happy to pay a little bit extra if it means I'll get something of quality though.

Need asap so local stock only


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    Buy online from Sheridan outlet


    Spotlight have some great deals in their Clearance section of each store.
    I recently bought a great quality King Doona cover that was originally (RRP) $140 reduced to $42 - love it! :)


    Both Myer and DJs have their mid season sales on at the moment if you want to grab them from a department store

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    Avoid ones with polyester in them.

    Checkout Target


    Bamboo cotton from Adair's when they're on sale are excellent value.


    Posting for self curiosity also as my my knowledge in linen is 0


    Silk > linen > bamboo > cotton > polyester. Choose whatever suits your budget and be sure to follow the care instructions.