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Hi peeps.

After moving from NSW to S.A. a year ago, I went from NRMA to SGIC, knowing nothing about insurers in S.A. I have nothing good to say about SGIC, so I am seeking advice on who you would recommend I renew my car insurance with in S.A? Any reasons why you recommend and don't recommend them? Thanks!


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    What specifically are you looking for with your car insurance though? Cheapest? Choice of repairers?

    I was previously with SGIC, never made a claim in my 4-5 years with them so can't really comment. Ended up switching as they increased my premium(was cheaper for me when I did a quote as a new customer!) and wouldn't price matched.

    I'm now using RAA. They were one of the cheapest when I was looking half a year ago, and they give me my choice of repairers in the case of a repair.


    What they are like to deal with on the phone, online and if/when you need to make a claim are important to me. I am looking at going with RAA because my new renewal saw my 1 year old car go down too much in value yet my payment go up. They have terrible customer service SGIC. RAA attempted to give me an offer i would be happy with. SGIC were firm. Thanks for your advice.

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      It's a shame that you're not happy with the insurer you chose when you bought your new car as they usually have a 'new car replacement' benefit in the case of a write-off for the first couple of years after purchase. You lose that if you swap insurers. RAA have this benefit for life (the car's, while you own it, not your's).

      I've moved almost all of my, and my extended family's insurance to RAA in the last two or three years since AAMI thought a 30% increase was reasonable. I went with RAA on my brother's recommendation (he seems to be quite accident prone with multiple house and car claims over the years), when he told me how easy the claims process is, and they are also very reasonably priced.

      Another plus is that they are a South Australian organisation employing hundreds of local people, not a multi-brand national/multi-national. If you can get the best quality at the best price while boosting your local economy, you'd be mad not to go for it!

      The only policies I haven't been able to move due to cost is my car with my 24 year old son as a named driver, and a 21 year old niece who had her licence suspended. RAA won't insure her at any price, even for basic third party propery, until three years have elapsed from the end of the suspension.


    FYI. NRMA and SGIC are brands owned by IAG.

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