NBN ISP Recommendations (FTTN)

About to move house next month and just before we are due to move in to our new property, it is going to be signed up to the NBN (FTTN).

Currently we are with Telstra as we live in one of their velocity suburbs but they want to continue to charge $100 per month and want to charge another connection fee for moving. Only reason i'm currently with them is because we had no choice.

So who currently have the best NBN deals? Not a big fan of connection fees

  • Happy to sign contract up to 12 months
  • Minimum 200gb download limit, preferably unlimited
  • Minimum speeds 25mbps


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    Aussie BroadBand

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    Standard answer at the moment is Aussie Broadband. No contract (month to month), choose your bandwidth limit and speed - with the pay off that you actually can get that speed in the evenings. They also have real people who know what they are talking about on tech support.

    If you do sign up, get a referral code, etc. You can get one month free, and 6 months double data rate and the referer gets a free month.

    Your FTTN speed is dependent on your distance to the node (spit on trunbull) and one of the best ways of estimating that currently is via http://nbnmtm.australiaeast.cloudapp.azure.com/nbnmtm.html

    • how about MyRepublic? I thought it is cheaper? it is other gotcha with myrepublic?

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        I've seen complaints about speed (seems to depend on area) and many complaints about customer service if things go wrong. Check out the productreview site.

      • Don't .. Pls Just Don't.
        If you wish to have OzB running during peak hours, Don't get MyRepublic :)
        Beside, they have worst customer care. Be on call for around 90 minutes and you won't get response.
        Speed is so crappy…. NEVER Ever MyRepublic.

        • I beg to differ.

          I'm with MyRepublic and they aren't that bad. For $60 a month, I get speeds varying from 10-95Mbps

          I've had to call customer service 3 times (2 times to change debit details)
          And was on hold for less then 10 minutes each time.

          Also got a free modem

    • Any referral code? PM please if you have. I am getting HFC service via NBN next week. Does Aussie Broadband provide the service?

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    First rule of NBN is to steer clear of ISP's that offer "unlimited".
    Especially if your actual usage is only around 200Gb…
    Get a plan that gives you 500Gb (or more) and you essentially have Unlimited (for your typical usage) anyway!

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    Aussie Broadband.
    100/10 rated, and 9/10 you actually get it, including peak times.
    No contract, is Monthly, and has a free month sign up + double data (see Whirlpool).

  • You might pay a few dollars more a month for Aussie Broadband but it is worth it. More or less set it up, and forget. Once you do sign up, on their portal there are some other plans available that you could switch over just before the next billing cycle - as someone else said, no contracts, monthly and currently double data that stays with you for the first 6 months and one month free, even at 100/40. Offer using wpfreetrial promo code expires around mid November when their last three POIs ( 2 is Tassie ) goes live - yes they have their own infrastructure at all 121 POIs and deal directly for NBN to resolve issues which usually results in a quick turn around time. PM me if you need a referrer code - I could do with a month free.

    • Sure please.

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    Whatever you do, please avoid BuzzTelco - Complete cluster f#@k at the moment with their network and new signups - just read the forum posts!!!

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      I second that. Been waiting from a month for modem.

      • an unorganised company

  • Another positive vote for AussieBroadband. Steer clear of ISPs offering "unlimited" plans because their service will be garbage.

  • Another vote for Aussie broadband. My connection was up and running in 5 minutes (FTTP). Has been great so far with none of the congestion issues I was having with Optus.

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    Firstly spend $300 plus on a router it self and dont except reliability from a cheap router

    Im with TPG 100/40 $100 a month

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      Paying $300 for a router is stupid advice. I bought a Netgear R7000 for $180 and it handles 100/40 with ease.

      • Cant find anywhere that sells a Netgear R7000 for less than $230. Care to share where from?

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          Got it during an Ebay 20% off sale.

  • Anyone have a promo code they can message me? free month for youuuu

    • Message me if you still need a referrer code for Aussie Broadband. Their promo code is wpfreetrial expires around middle of November.

  • With Aussie Broadband 100/40 I download stuff off Steam at 7.8 MB/s. Previously with Belong Unlimited 100/40 I would only ever get a max 3.1 MB/s. Also the router would drop out every 1 or 2 days but with Aussie it never drops out unless I manually select to reboot it :)

  • Signing up in the morning, PM me a referrer code for a month of free NBN :)

  • Signed up, thanks ozbargain!

  • Had a gutfull of Buzz Telco so looking to move to Aussie. Anyone with a referral code please feel free to PM me?

  • Please pm me referral code as well.
    Will I have 2 months free when using code wpfreetrial and referral code?
    I have NBN HFC connection available. Can I use any wifi router with NBN HFC? I don't need voip phone, just internet.

  • I use Barefoot Telecom on my FTTP connection @ 100/40 unlimited. Can't fault them to be honest. $99/month.

    Edit - no monthly charges/setup fees either. PM me if you want a referral!

  • Looking for a referral code for Aussie please :)

  • Can I please have a referrer code for AB? TIA

  • don't go with Buzztelco.

  • was deciding between My Republic or AB and you have swayed me to AB. If someone can pm me a referral code I will use on sign up. TIA.
    *** edit referal has been received.

  • Wow .. you have to just read this post on Whirlpool:


  • looking for referral code too

    • Try member gladbear ( or just send me a PM / Message )

      • I can't PM you Mitchell but you are welcome to use my code 1075563

  • Would love a referral code as well! My Mrs and I just bought a house in Perth, and settlement is 24 November. Unfortunately it's only FTTN and it's a decent distance away… I'd like to get the internet sorted before we move in. Does anyone have a rough idea of how long it takes for them to set you up? I've already got router. Not sure if the previous tenant had NBN or what, if that makes a different

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