Where to Buy 12 Seater Outdoor Setting?

Hoping to get some recommendations on where to buy a decent 12 seater outdoor setting in Melbourne.

Most of the usual suspects (Bunnings, BBQs galore, etc) don't seem to carry such large settings

Ideally hoping to find something either fully wooden table or wood base with concrete top, including 12 chairs for under 3k.

Any advice appreciated.



    maybe two sets of 6? or more like two 6/8 seater tables with 12 chairs.

    We have 12 matching chairs. We then have two tables, one being an IKEA ex display ($100) for 8 chairs and the other a roadside pickup, both in black colour.

    the two tables end to end measure in the region of 4m long, pretty long for a single table.


    +1 on possibly putting two tables end to end

    for a store suggestion try earlysettler[dot]com.au

    they have a variety of mix and match tables inc wood and concrete ones, with different types of benches and chairs. they have a couple of tables around the 3 metre length, not sure if that is quite enough for 12 but worth a look.
    i 'think' they can do package deals as well [outside of the ones they advertise] but not 100% positive.