Property Damage Insurance Claim - What to Do?


My parents have a rental property, which was damaged by the former tenant and managed by a real estate agent. The property was insured (landlord insurance) and as part of our property damage claim, the repair quote has been approved.

Since the former tenant left, the real estate agent has been less than responsive to assist us in getting the rental property fixed (i.e. arrange quotes). I'm currently thinking of changing real estate agents.

As such, the claims officer has proposed a cash settlement. But I've been wondering if the insurer can arrange the fixes to our rental property.

With landlord insurance, can I ask the insurer to arrange the fixes to our rental property as per their approved repair quote?

Your advice would be greatly appreciated.




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    What are the terms listed in your policy regarding this?

    Who arranged the quotes? Yourself or the Insurance company?

    If the insurance company, then they should have no issues arranging the work themselves. Naturally the claims officer would prefer a cash settlement, as the responsibility and time taken in arranging / managing repairs is removed from them.

    I would look to obtain a couple of quotes myself for comparison before agreeing to any payouts. Consider the hit you your time / work in $ value when negotiating payout amount with insurance.


    Agree with @xuqi above.

    Also, What sort of damage is that and the value?

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    Why don't you just ring up your insurance company and find out ? So simple, isn't it ?

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      clearly strangers on the internet would know more /s

      But yes, I agree… All these questions could be answered by a simple phone call to the insurance company!

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    1. Take the cash.
    2. DIY.
    3. Profit.