This was posted 4 years 1 month 29 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Homelite Pressure Washer $35. Reduced from $69. Clearance at Bunnings Campbelltown NSW


On clearance at Campbelltown Bunnings, possibly others. Was $69 and when I purchased a couple of years ago and find it ok for occasional work around the house. There were about 12 available on Tuesday night.

Bunnings link for details.

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  • Can anyone please confirm if its nationwide?

  • still showing $69 on the gold coast

  • Might as well use a garden hose with the end bent over than this piece of future landfill.

    • Was gonna get one to clean the driveway , is it shit quality

      • I do pressure cleaning professionally. This thing will take you all day to do a small drivway and leave it super stripey.
        You could probably get a guy to do it for $50- $70/hr with a proper surface cleaner. After hes done spray it with chlorine if he doesnt and seal it with a clear coat.

        • That does sound like a plan, will check the steps for stenciled driveway, thanks mate

    • If you're not speaking from experience, don't bother gracing everyone with your rubbish comment.

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        read again , then you can remove your rubbish comment

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          Just because you're a professional does not mean that all home grade power-tools are not good enough.

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          @Lorindor: Still you need to read it again, i said "this thing" not all 'home-grade' power tools.

  • This pressure washer isn't very good, has the same strength as a hose tbh

    • Absolutely incorrect, I have one of these and use it to clean everything.

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        uh they sell bidets for that

  • Got one in Vic. Thanks op

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      Where in vic?

  • Looks very similar to the “Typhoon” one I got from sydney tools for $49 recently.

    The stats vary slightly but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same

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      Upon further comparison they do look a little different.

      But for $39, even if it lasts 2 years of occasional use it’s not too bad

  • I am more interested on the item next to the sale one. Karcher $150 is a very very good bargain.

    • Yes, it is about half price. I didn’t check if it was complete or not. I missed out a another bargain of an eight drawer tool trolly down from $139 to $50 by delaying my decision by 30 minutes. You snooze you lose, although it was a craftright, still good value I thought.

  • OP, do you have a receipt?

    • No, I bought mine a couple of years ago at old price.

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