Jobs Where You Can Make over 100K a Year?

I know it's a naive question. I really am wondering what are these jobs? I've been living in Melourne for less than a year. Economic distribution of wealth is quite fair here in Australia. So, most of the people earn the same as others, but there are rich people. I just want to know, what kind of sector or jobs you can earn that much?

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    Money doesn't represent life
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    I wanna know
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    Yeah.. I earn around 100K


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        $80m after just a few years

  • sighs

    • Sighs doesn't matter?

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        Wat if 100000 sighs, all at once, through a voovoo zela, into your ear.

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      when sighs matters

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    Can't believe nobody has said this yet…

    Analyst at Westpac.

    Not only will you be on 100k+ a year, you also get to invest in high yield 80k investments to show off to your colleagues.
    That, that is just… priceless.

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      hahaha so glad to see this comment, cheers mate

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      high yield car only :P

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        Has to be European!

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      And don't forget you will make so much you'll be dropping $1200 on rugs you don't like.

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        Savage AF

        And buying your 5 year old an ipad pro.


        • brutal

    • Somebody already did, but you didn't read it.

  • marketing

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    Royal Australian Mint. Guaranteed to make more money then in any other job

      • Lmao why would a criminal write a diary of his crimes……..

        Its like shooting yourself in the foot…or maybe both.

    • I visited the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washintgon DC two months ago to see money being made. The workers there have a sense of humour and hung up a sign above a printer: 'Free Samples - Tomorrow Only'

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    Software Engineering

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      Yep. And if your current salary no longer satisfies your lifestyle, you go and do the same job at a different company for 20%-30% more.

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      Just be sure to get a position that cannot be sent off to India or China. Plenty of qualified people there to do your job at a fraction of the price. Even if they have to hire four people per one Westerner it's worth it.

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      Hahaha, very funny. Those jobs are now gone to India and Philiphines. And the one that stays got their pay reduce to graduate level.

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        speak for yourself, 175k is the going rate for sydney dev.

      • This is not completely true, there are still many companies who want in house developers and then there's consulting companies too. Take a look at Glassdoor for example, average is in the $80ks, and I know after a graduate program they are promoted and raised to $85-$100k.

        I also know grad programs are increasing their intake of software engineers.

      • Some of the jobs have, sure. But that's also created other jobs here (albeit less), that seek software devs to fix up a lot of this spaghetti code that comes from these outsourced devs. I'm not saying they're all bad. But you get what you pay for in the end, unless you're handing them full control and maintenance, the next person may well need to have adjustments made on a code base.

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    I know a friend who does sales, he started off in a call centre (45K), became call centre team leader or some kind of consultant (77K), later promoted to area sales manager (probably even higher, not sure of the exact title but it's something along the lines of a General sales manager who leads a team of salespeople) His salary is well over $110K.

    His line of work is in software and software training packages. Thing is, he never had a software background. His studies were mainly in Aeronautical Engineering (graduated with Honours). He basically climbed the corporate ladder with just that under his belt.

    • Curious, what was the year progression for the climb?

  • Train Driver

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      By the time you get trained for these jobs, they won't exist.

      • So we are getting hoverboards?

    • Train driver

      Driverless trains are coming to Sydney in around 18 months time. Not sure if other places already have them.

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    Electrician. Especially ones on a construction site.

    Surprised no-one has mentioned other trades. All white collar jobs.

    I know bricklayers who have earned over 100k.

    • lots of people have mentioned trades.

      Also, big money was likely mining boom related. Unless you're well established or very business savvy, most tradies don't earn huge numbers.

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    If you have the interest to work in software development, within very few years you can be looking at earning salaries of well above $100K

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    Any tradie job can easily start bringing that amount

    IT consultant






    $100K isn't a lot of money these days…

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      do accountants really earn that much!? studying commerce right now and i feel quite dismayed at my job prospects :(

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        Not right at the start but eventually.

        • Eventually is the word. Tax / audit (where most grads start out) in anything less than a top firm blows.

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        Disagree, there are too many accounting grads that flood the market, hence their salaries are much lower.

        • I am on in excess of $100k, 3.5 years out of uni, in an accounting role at Big 4.

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          @antt: Pretty good, do you work in tax or the consulting side? I would think audit or other divisions pay less than that. Also unless you get to a senior analyst/ manager role the pay at the bottom is fairly low.

        • @antt: also curious which division, are you over east? In Perth, can comfortably say majority of big 4 accounting employees after 3.5 years are not on 100k.

        • @Coatesy: New manager in Tax. East Coast. I work in a niche tax area on a project which is bringing in big fees at the moment. I have luckily been given the opportunity to drive this forward and have been billing more in a month than we used to do in respect of this specific tax in a year. As such, work have looked after me salary and promotion wise - I should be on track to make director in the next 18 months or so.

        • @antt:

          Congrats mate! So essentially you're a gun. Maybe you can make partner is less than 9 years :) good luck!!

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        Not straight out of uni but with 3+ experience you would be on at least $100K

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          I know plenty of people with a CA, more than 3 years experience on less than 100. A bloke I worked with in big 4 was only on 75 ish after 7 years experience. He was a senior.

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    Web developer/Software developer

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      Where? In India or Phillipines?

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        In Australia. My brother is one.

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        I'm a web dev 4 years out of uni on 100k.

      • Plenty of money to be made in web dev. Most random people/businesses who want a website actually want to talk to a person and it's probably not hard to match the price of Aussie companies who just outsource and inflate. I heard of someone who sets up and runs people's blogs, starred out as a small thing and earning 200K after a year or two.

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    By the numbers on Seek. Jobs in the 150k+ bracket

    • Information & Communication Technology (4,916)
    • Construction (1,601)
    • Healthcare & Medical (1,240)
    • Engineering (959)
    • Mining, Resources & Energy (537)

    This is assuming you have the perquisites to meet the roles. If you don't, the lead time is typically 8 years with a mix of education and experience. There's always roles that require less lead time, typically in sales or niche areas and if you study industry trends you'll find them. This is of course if you are limiting yourself to working a standard week.

    If you don't limit yourself to a traditional work week and you sacrifice your weekends you can hit 100k pretty easily. You only need to hit $32/hr averaged over 60 hours week, average income in Australia being about 75K, that's about $38/hr. How driven are you to hit 100k?

    • Personally, I’m in the Mining, Resources & Energy sector and while I’m not revealing exactly what I earn, it’s a multiple of the mentioned $100K.

      Yes, the money is good (I’m realising this now, after going through peoples’ responses) but the dangers involved, the isolation and being away from family are just a few of the reasons reasons for the elevated pay.

      Would I advise anyone to enter the industry? Of course - it’s a tough one to initially get into but once your foot is in the door, you’re usually in for life.

      • What's your job title?

        What makes it dangerous? You work underground?

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          I'm in oil and gas operations.I have worked offshore on oil/gas rigs and FPSOs and onshore on LNG plants and refineries.

          I could point you in the direction of a few videos and websites detailing the inherent dangers of these facilities.

        • +1

          @gasman70: I used to work in heavy industry with gas systems, so I have a rough idea.

          Now I work in R&D, it's much more dangerous because I work with people who do not properly understand the concept of safety.

          But I no longer have a risk of flattening a whole suburb.

        • @abb:

          I'm currently office-based, which removes me from the danger zone on a daily basis but regular site visit ensure I earn my money!

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      @lowFi you hit the nail right on the head, most online advertised jobs that pay 150k+ are ICT jobs.

      Computing is a wide and vast field; here's a interior breakdown:

      (At the time of posting ICT had 4841 Jobs 150k+ on Seek)

      • Architects - 463
      • Analysts - 597
      • Operators - 1
      • Consultants - 292
      • Database Admins - 94
      • Programmers - 927
      • Hardware Engineer - 30
      • Network Engineer - 114
      • Software Engineer - 215
      • IT Support - 24
      • Management - 214
      • Network & System Admin - 189
      • Product Development - 74
      • Project Management - 716
      • Sales - 143
      • Security - 185
      • Team Leaders - 29
      • Technical Writing - 28
      • Telecommunications - 34
      • Testing / Q&A - 173
      • Web Dev / Production - 116
      • Other - 183

      So based on the above, most jobs that are advertised on SEEK that pay 150k+ are in fact programming jobs (surprise! surprise!)

      Last but not least you can see how your doing compared to others based on ATO data: WageSage

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        Good list. If you really want to feel poor, take a look at the ATO's list of top 20 high paying jobs in Australia, 18 out of 20 are in medicine:

        1. Neurosurgeon $577,674
        2. Ophthalmologist $552,947
        3. Cardiologist $453,253
        4. Plastic and reconstructive surgeon $448,530
        5. Gynaecologist; obstetrician $446,507
        6. Otorhinolaryngologist $445,939
        7. Orthopedic surgeon $439,629
        8. Urologist $433,792
        9. Vascular surgeon $417,524
        10. Gastroenterologist $415,192
        11. Diagnostic and interventional radiologist $386,003
        12. Dermatologist $383,880
        13. Judge — law $381,323
        14. Anaesthetist $370,492
        15. Cardiothoracic surgeon $358,043
        16. Surgeon — general $357,996
        17. Specialist physicians — other $344,860
        18. Radiation oncologist $336,994
        19. Medical oncologist $322,178
        20. Securities and finance dealer $320,452
        • Not even a dentist? I mean it might be on the list with some technical term, maybe.

        • +2

          With professions like Ophthalmologist and Otorhinolaryngologist you are going to need that massive salary just to pay for the plaque on your door! Those buggers charge per character!

        • I am so surprised that Dermatologists are so low on that list.

        • The reason the list make it look like it's full of doctors is because they are divided into their specialties. If you divide Judges and Securities and finance dealers into equally small categories, it will look different. As in doctors can be lumped into 1 category of "doctors", then they will only occupy 1 out of the top 20.

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      You should model…and by that I mean financial model.

      • +4

        Ugh when you said modeling I thought you meant this kind of modeling. It made me realised how sad my life is rn.

        • That would be an unusual photoshoot.

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    I need to reassess my lifestyle.

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    I recently cracked 100k but it's taken me 19 years of full time work to get here, I'm 35 now. I'm a mid level manager at a financial services company.

    I moved jobs and countries a few times so that may have held me back, also not going to uni probably didn't help either.

    I've stopped getting family tax benefits now so the payrise I just got was canceled out by the drop in centrelink payments.

    • +2

      How do you get centrelink payments when you were earning just under a 100k?

      • Family tax benefits, have 3 kids.

        • But you have to earn under 80k to get it?

        • @serpserpserp:

          Nope, you can try using the calculator to confirm but I just did a single income family on 90k and 3 kids and it came to $417 per fortnight.

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    Store managers at Coles after a few years.

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      Assuming Coles is very similar to woolies:

      The problem with this is they usually hire from within, so you kind of have to work at Coles as a lower level employee/manager for many years to get to that level.

      Not to mention the work environment isn't exactly the best.. It can be very toxic indeed. Also the regular long weeks, working alternating weekends (usually), high pressure on sales.

      I suppose OP asked for jobs that pay this much, and technically you could earn this much as a store manager at a supermarket, but God help you if you actually want to do that.

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    IT Management for larger companies.
    150k +

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    Male Prostitution. easy money.

    • +6

      I'd heard this was hard work and you'd have to bend over backwards to please clients. Apparently it's the total opposite.

    • +6

      Its pain in the butt if you got male clients

      • +1

        They all do. Everyone thinks they can roll up and service beautiful and rich lonely women, but it's more like Midnight Cowboy. Ditto with porn, all the male talent dabble in 'gay for pay' too.

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    Engineer - to be honest, $100k is not much these days primarily because of the cost of housing.

    Supposedly we're a high income family, but to get the most run down house is still going to be at least 5-6x our household income, which means our repayments are going to be >50% of our after tax income, which puts us firmly into mortgage stress territory, and this is all at record low interest rates.

    If housing wasn't so messed up, $100k would be great. But housing is a disaster in this country, so $100k just isn't good enough.

    • +2


      I think it depends on which state you live in too.

      Sydney Melbourne 100k doesn't mean much if you owe 1.2 million to the bank…

      I'd sat 100k in Tassie would be pretty good

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      I work as an engineer and most in my organisation earn between $130k-$350k. Seniors (5-10yrs) earn $130k+, managers 10+yrs earn $175k+ and 15-30years earn well over $200k+. Really depends whether you want to aim for the leadership positions.

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    drug dealer

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    $100K not that much before tax, definitely not rich.

  • You can make a lot of money doing almost anything if you git gud. My son makes almost twice what his mate makes for the same job title, and his other mate makes almost twice what he does for exactly the same title as well. When you git gud, you get to shop around. Of the three, one trudges to interviews, one gets every job he applies for and one is headhunted, guess which ones? Self-promotion is also key, you need to make sure you get proper credit for your work, wilting violets do not get promoted.

    • his other mate makes double your son or your son's first mate?

      • +1

        Mate #1 earns ~ half my sons wage, and Mate #2 earns roughly twice my sons wage. I will let you in on a secret, my kiddo is not necessarily gifted, he just gets up and goes to work on time, every time and bitches it out to me at home, instead of taking his attitude to work. His superpower is super-reliability, and believe me, it allows him to stuff up more on the job and be forgiven than either of his two mates.

        • +2

          And what field is he in that simply rocking up on time sets him apart from the rest?

        • +1

          So Mate #2 earns 4 times more than mate #1 in the same job title?! That's a huge different. What kind of job is your son doing??

    • +1

      git gud?

  • +4

    Contract job as a public servant in Canberra. Many APS6 level jobs are filled by morons. Easy money.

    • +7

      Yeah, but then you have to live in Canberra lol :p

      • +2

        Talk smack about Canberra all you want… But every single person that I know from Sydney has never looked back. I enjoy my 10-15 minute commute into cbd from a house that doesn't cost millions of dollars :)

        • Canberra and Queanbeyan is MEGA expensive.

          Similar prices to Sydney.

          Major housing shortage in ACT atm.

        • +1

          @itcrowd: that's a rubbish claim. Houses close to Sydney cbd often fetch several million without breaking a sweat.

          A 3-4 bedroom house 10 mins from Canberra cbd is still expensive, but it's well below 1 million..

          And if you're willing to go a whopping 20 mins out of cbd, it'll be about 500k. Plenty can be found around town for 300-400k, but unless it's an apartment, you won't be buying in the inner north/south for that much..

          While Canberra is expensive too, it's hard to compare to Sydney's ridiculous prices.

  • +3

    Data Analyst a little over 100k. State Gov.

    • +3

      Was going to say, so many state government jobs pay over 100k these days. Data analytics is probably the fastest growing 'sector' in the industry, as it is in lots of other industries I imagine.

      • It really is because State Gov departments have loads of data that need analysing. ;)

        • Generally the analysis is… this data sucks pls fix your system.. probably.

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