Looking for Replacement for Nexus 6P


Unfortunately, my Nexus 6P has recently died thanks to the infinite boot loop of death, and I am now looking for a replacement. (I did in fact successfully fix the boot loop using the guide over at xdadevelopers, however it is now back to the loop and others over there say that it's time to move on).

I'm looking for a phone that has the big screen size of the Nexus, without the price tag (I'm not really up for spending a lot after the Nexus only lasted me a tad over 12 months).

I've been looking at the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/334210

It looks to provide the great screen size and reasonable price (albeit a lower resolution screen, however I am okay to trade that for longer battery life).

Are there any other devices I should be considering? Budget is around $400, however will stretch a little bit.


  • My 6P went boot loop Saturday! <insert swearing>

    Maybe check the Moto G5 Plus, there's been some deals recently and it will get the Android 8 update.

  • Ozbargain is your friend:

    Best Android under $250

    Best Android $300 - $500

  • LG V20 fits into that category. However comments say the battery life is mediocre. The cool thing about it is that you can actually remove the battery, a feature that won't find even on mid-end smartphones from xiaomi or Motorola now.

  • Have you tried return it to the seller as a hardware defect? I got the boot loop a couple weeks ago and returned it to Kogan who are now sending me a Galaxy S8+ as a replacement.

  • OMG I had no idea the Nexus 6P had a bootloop history….I'm doomed.

  • If the bootloop doesn't get you on the 6P, the random battery drain problem will.

    I went for a Moto Z2 Play replacement for my wife's 6P based on my great experience with the original Z Play. You can pick up an original Z Play for about that $400 price bracket. Sound output sucks in comparison though, as only single front facing speaker.

  • I recently smashed the screen on my Nexus 6P that I had had since November 2015. The cost of a screen replacement (inc labour) came to the cost of a 2nd hand Nexus 6P off gumtree, so I didn't bother.
    I replaced it with a OnePlus 5 a few weeks later (Starting at $600 AUD, but I went for the 128GB model with 8GB RAM for $700 AUD) and have been completely satisfied with it.
    The Nexus has a better rear camera in low light conditions (it was absolutely stellar with after dark photos), the OnePlus' rear cameras are fine but the dual sensor set up is a bit of a gimmick imo.
    Software is very similar to that of the 6P, with a close to stock Android experience, but the extra tweaks such as gestures and added customisation are welcome. Alert slider is useful too.
    Performance and build quality are all a step up on the 6P, the screen quality is on par (just a smidge smaller diagonally) for a 1080p panel. Headphone audio is miles better than the Nexus' but I do miss the front facing stereo speakers of the 6P.

    Certainly a phone worth considering if you're willing to spend just a little more.