Electric Hedge Trimmer Recommendation and Deals

I'm looking for an electric hedge trimmer, of the corded variety, to trim shrubs and trees in a medium size yard. I've seen the Black & Decker $30 deal from BigW that was posted last year… the current price is closer to $100!… Would appreciate any recommendations… Also saw one at Supercheap Auto which had many positive reviews…. Thanks in advance!


  • There's some at Aldi this weekend. But I got one of the Ego ones from Masters (RIP) and it's been excellent

  • Corded hedge trimmer = cut cord in no time.

    Go cordless.I'm glad I've got a cordless one, can throw it around in any direction and not worry about electrocution. Mine is an 18v ryobi - because it suits my drill batteries. Seems to run a bit slow compared to corded ones, but it's fast enough for hedging. Runs fine on the smaller batteries.

    • So cordless has enough power to cut small branches?

      • depends what you mean by small, but mine has enough power to trim a hedge. It wont cut something as thick as your finger, but I think that is a bit more than hedge trimming and stepping into pruning territory. Mine will cut a reasonable size, maybe 5mm is its limit. It also depends on how you cut. Sometimes it wont cut while trimming in one direction, but will be fine coming back the other way.

        Having said that, I haven't had an issue keeping a hedge in shape, it's only when you start to get into reshaping that you encounter the thicker branches and it will struggle.

        • You're right, guess I need a pruner too. Someone's just posted a Bunnings deal, cordless though, that's very tempting. Also looking at Aldi's special on 21/10, which has added advantage 5 years warranty! Thanks for your response!