Who Do You Recommend to Donate Kids Stuff to?

Have lots of kids clothes, puzzles, toys and furniture. Who do you recommend as a charity?

Have heard one of the big ones, bins excess donations. Heard another gives excess donations to overseas. Spoke with these organisations and say it's not true and 100% goes to people in need.


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    local op shop


    Offer it for free on gumtree



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    I give it to friends and family who are starting a family of their own.


    I think the key is to donate what is in great condition and gumtree for free the rest.

    The problem with op shops and charities and such is that they really do want quality goods as people, even if they are struggling, want to get nice-ish things… One of my friends had a car boot of stuff to donate and some of it was stuff like a broken radio and he said they will fix it..and i said no, they will throw it out and spend money doing so…

    I like tsunamisurfers idea of people who are starting a family, or maybe even some local parent groups on facebook would be a good idea.


      Most is in excellent condition and would like to go to people in need right away instead of sitting in a shop to be sold.could ask local churches too.

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    Find a service that helps women escaping domestic violence and donate it to them. I have been there, and when you got to flee for your safety, you usually dont get to pack a bag. Your donation could help people who have to start all over again. Kids and womens clothes (especially shoes and new underwear), toys, nappies(those leftover bags that your baby outgrew overnight), books, toiletries, carseats, prams, all these things make a huge difference.

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