Costco Hearing Aids

I'm looking to get hearing aids, right ear almost deaf. Heard that the ones sold by Costco are good quality and value.

Any good folks out there using Costco's, and don't mind sharing their experience? Their Kirkland brand top of the range is $2,000.00.

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  • My husband has had bilateral hearing aids from Costco for over four years. Annual check ups and servicing are all included in your annual membership. Great after sales service. He originally had expensive aids from another company and found the Costco ones weren’t that much different especially for the price difference.

  • I've heard good things about the Costco hearing aids from a colleague. Apparently ones offered by a particular big health fund is at least double the price for the same thing.

  • How much are the in-ear hearing aids at Costco? Link available?

    The government subsidises budget and mid-tier hearing aids to pensioners, veterans and children in Australia. Like all privatised services, the whole industry is up to exploitation and upselling occurs frequently, leaving pensioners thousands out of pocket anyway. Health insurance probably gives you the same "discounts" given by my former dentist. If Costco has an audiologist I wonder if it's government-supported?

    From the users I know, the hardest part is actually using them and not losing them. But apparently most people don't use them despite buying them.

  • Just to preface my comment, my wife is an Audiologist and my father has been working for Costco (in the US) for over 20 years.

    Costco's hearing department does offer good value for money. That being said, the hearing department is not a huge money maker for Costco here in Australia (in the States this is a different story). While Costco is committed to growing their share of the market here in Australia, the lack of money the department brings in means that there is limited staff. This can result in longer wait periods and an "impersonal" feel.

    What many people seem to fail to realise about hearing aids is that there are many on the market and they all do different things. The type of hearing loss you have must be diagnosed, and your audiologist is responsible for coming up with a solution that best suits your unique needs.

    The issue with Costco (and many of the larger hearing companies in Australia) is that they only offer a handful of hearing aid types. This means that you may be limiting the hearing aids that are accessible to you simply because that company only offers a particular brand or type of hearing aid.

    I'm not really doing the hearing industry justice, as I only have a secondhand knowledge of it. That being said, I feel that a lot of people vilify hearing aids, as if an audiologist is trying to "pull the wool over the eyes" of their patients by forcing them into buying expensive hearing aids.

    Sure there are companies who offer their audiologists commission based on what sort of hearing aid they prescribe. You will always get shady people trying to push unnecessary products on to unsuspecting clients. If you want to avoid that, stay away from companies who offer commission (typically they are the ones that cold call people trying to usher them in for hearing tests, etc).

    This doesn't mean that just because your audiologist recommends a pair that is $2000 and there are alternatives that are only a few hundred that your audiologist is trying to scam you. Again, your audiologist will find the best one suited to your particular needs.

    Long story short, Costco has qualified audiologists who I am sure do a good job. That being said, the hearing aids that they offer aren't the only ones out there. There may be offer brands or types that would suit you better. You just have to be willing to do the homework.

  • I honestly know nothing about Costco's hearing aids, Costco as far as I know, is not in Western Australia. I have a hearing problem and wear hearing aids. I completely agree with MrRobot, there are many audiologists that work on a commision. I know, as I purchased a pair of hearing aids for $5000, they were truly useless, and after going to court, I was reimbursed. I ended up going to the Lions Hearing Clinic, in Perth. No-one there is on a commission and you can try before you buy. The right advice and the right hearing aids, completely changes your life.