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Looking for a wine fridge as I got a bottle of Grange and would like to preserve it. Any deals? I believe there was a ā€˜888ā€™ Vintec deal at Dan Murphys last year. Looking for something similar where fridge is cheap or bundled with wine

Thank you!



    I received a Vintec V30SGE cabinet as part of the Penfold's deal. It failed after about 20 months with a common fault. The gas leaks out and the unit fails to cool. My employer also got one and his failed too.

    Since then I purchased a CyberCool DP72C. Working well so far. It does have two catches however: the fans run almost constantly, so if you put it into a silent area you'll notice the noise coming from it, and it uses about 4 times more power than a compressor cooled unit. About 2kWh hours per day in the middle of summer when set to 12C.


    Try to keep the wine at around 10-12 degrees which is not abnormal for a normal house fridge. Wine fridges can be very expensive but they are a good investment if you consume a lot.


    I think the best thing to do is to open a bottle and finish it! lol

    As i say. Investing in a good wine fridge is great. Also a little canteen so you can sort wines differently epending on grapes and temperature of storage. But it can be exensive even for a small one.


    This thread is a little old, but just saw it - I have two Vintec wine fridges, and both have died. I now simply use them - switched off - as wine racks.

    I'd note with wine storage over many years that the killers for wine (other than thirsty mates) are heat fluctuation, vibration, light, and (if you have wine with cork) low humidity. If you're planning to store wine for 10 to 15 years, then finding a cool cupboard (can be hard to do in QLD or NT) somewhere in the house is probably good enough. A wine fridge is definitely better but not perfect - there can be small levels of vibration for example, and you have to monitor the humidity. If you're planning to store wine for longer than 15 years or so, then a 'real' cellar is the go. They are expensive to setup at home, but there are some storage specialists where you can rent a space that would hold about 12 dozen bottles for maybe $50 per month. Not super cheap but remember you only need to put the best stuff in there so can always share the space with other people (if you trust them!) and of course you don't have to pay for the power. The main drawback is you have to plan ahead to get your wine, but then again that may not be such a bad thing…. ;-)

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