Wine Fridge

Looking for a wine fridge as I got a bottle of Grange and would like to preserve it. Any deals? I believe there was a ā€˜888ā€™ Vintec deal at Dan Murphys last year. Looking for something similar where fridge is cheap or bundled with wine

Thank you!



    I received a Vintec V30SGE cabinet as part of the Penfold's deal. It failed after about 20 months with a common fault. The gas leaks out and the unit fails to cool. My employer also got one and his failed too.

    Since then I purchased a CyberCool DP72C. Working well so far. It does have two catches however: the fans run almost constantly, so if you put it into a silent area you'll notice the noise coming from it, and it uses about 4 times more power than a compressor cooled unit. About 2kWh hours per day in the middle of summer when set to 12C.


    Try to keep the wine at around 10-12 degrees which is not abnormal for a normal house fridge. Wine fridges can be very expensive but they are a good investment if you consume a lot.

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