Blinds for Tilt and Turn Windows

Hi all,

Have had some tilt and turn windows put in and am looking to sort some blinds for them. As the windows open and tilt inwards, the blinds can't go into the main window display/reval. I have googled and saw some specialised tilt and turn blinds that can be fitted to the window without drilling etc.

Does anyone have experience with these? If so, where did you get them from and where they expensive? I know it depends on window size etc. but just looking for a rough idea.

As these types if windows are quite common in Europe - I was hoping to maybe ship them in?

I am based in WA.

Appreciate any info.




    Hi there, I don't know the answer to your question, but I'm wondering how much your windows cost? I am looking to install them in the future. I haven't even started the process so haven't called anyone yet, but thought seeing as you had just gotten it done, would be quick to ask you. Thanks.

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      For window supply only, I paid about $40k for 60sqm of windows, approx 22 windows/sliding door.

      So approx $667 per sqm of windows on average. Smaller windows are more $ per sqm and larger windows less $ per sqm.

      Note mine aren't white colour, but a timber colour. White is say 10% cheaper.

      I'm not sure of the installation cost would be for you, because mine is a new house build.

      If you want a much more cost effective window, I can also recommend a double glazed aluminum window supplier in Melbourne. I'm using them on a separate house. Windows (ex-install) price is half the uPVC, but still a very good energy efficient window.

      I've visited and got quotes from about 10 window suppliers in Melb this year for my 2 houses.

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      Hey - it really depends on window size and whether you get them locally made or not. I got 4 front windows and a kitchen window for about $6.5K supplied and installed. They were ordered and shipped from the UK.


    Subscribed, I've order tilt and turn windows for all of my house.

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