David Jones Refusing to Send Item Bought Online

Hi guys,

Yesterday (12-10-2017), There was an Ozbargain deal which suggested to get GANT shirt from David Jones online for $29 only.

I bought couple of them (with purchase proof and confirmation email) and now David Jones people are calling me that there was some "Technical Error" on their website and this is not original price therefore they can not give it to me.

When I protested they said "On our website there is disclaimer that due to technical issues they can refuse to fulfill orders"

Can anyone suggest me if is it legal on their part because it in unethical for sure.


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    It's a pricing error, get over it.

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    yes it is legal

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    Happen to me now not bother to check DJ deals.

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    It states it all here clearly, don't waste anymore time arguing a moot point https://www.davidjones.com.au/Website-Terms-of-Use

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    pricing error, move on

    not sure how a pricing error is 'unethical'
    It's not like they do it on purpose to try and annoy a bunch of ozbargain'ers

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    5 minutes.

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    Is it more "unethical" to try and exploit a pricing error? Lol

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    Not a lawyer, but AFAIK its legal since its a pricing error

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    yes, it is legal and youll find stacks of posts agreeing with this sentiment.

    it's not unethical, it is a genuione mistake and they didnt wake up thinking how they could best annoy people that day…

    But you did place the order knowing that it was probably a pricing error, and when told about you it you argued, then came hee to argue and will surely phone back David Jones and try to bully the staff into giving in.

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      And they honestly won't give it! Pricing Error first of all, secondly the price has been removed from the website, third it was an online order, not an over the phone order. He has no chance!

      Honestly, it is a pricing error, i don't know why you are being so upset over a mistake they made and something legal they did?


    And he never logged in again.

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