How Often Can I Have Free Eye Test under Medicare


My eye specialist suggested I visit my optometrist for a new eye test as there has been a reasonable change which makes it worthwhile for new glasses.

I decided to use OPSM instead of my regular optometrist to save me the extra charge over and above what Medicare pays. On having the eye test the lady tells me I need weaker glasses. I really don't have confidence in this optometrist as I can't see any better with the new prescription the optometrist put in her glasses.

So what I'm wonder is how long do I have to wait until Medicare will let me have another free eye test to go back to the regular optometrist. If it's a long time I may have to pay myself to have a new test so an idea of the amount I should expect would be appreciated.

Thanks for any advice.


  • Yearly

  • 3 years if you don’t have eye problems

  • Thanks for this information. But I do have another question. It seems that if you're over 65 you can have an eye test once a year. Since I turn 65 at the beginning of February does that mean I can have and another test then or do I have to wait 12 months from October when I had the last test done. I'm actually wondering if the new year for Medicare claims starts in January?

    • I used to get tested yearly in December through Medicare and then there was a sale on at specsavers so I went in September one year, only 9 months after my last test. There was no issue with me going then and I still didn't pay a cent.

      Based on this, I don't think it's 12 exact months, but I also can't confirm the new year starts in January.

  • Why would you start guessing with such a question here? But while we are here, it is 2 years as far as I understand unless there are exceptions.

    Different folks pending their situation have different time frames as you have seen in replies.

    Call Medicare direct, get official information about your exact situation from the only people that can advise you properly and offer any alternatives in your 'not any better' recent prescription and glasses.

  • Doesnt big w bulk bill eye test? I certainly dont remember paying for it.

  • So much for contacting Medicare as the lady said she's not really familiar with the eye care. After consultation with other staff she indicated that the item number used for my consultation has no restrictions and I can probably have another test anytime but said she can't guarantee I won't be charged. It depends what the second optometrist uses for their item number. She was not able to tell me when some item numbers are only claimable yearly for over 65 when that year begins. If Medicare can't answer that question I really don't know who can.

    • I have never had Medicare not answer me a question in my favour before but ok.
      I would be asking for her supervisor after she stated she was not familiar. I understand what you are saying, and what she said too, but still, it is a Medicare role to manage this service, they must have someone to give qualified responses.
      Try taking your details to your preferred Optometrist with that Medicare info to see if the 'people on the ground' can make an informed decision for you.

      Have you tried the new Smart Saver Qld Government website for benefits for Qld'ers?

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