expired PC Steam: Valkyria Chronicles $5 USD / AU $6.37, Binary Domain Collection US $3.99 (AU $5.09) @ IndieGala


Main link is for Valkrya Chronicles a popular PS3 strategy game that's turn based shooting.

Binary Domain is also selling for $5 AUD. Pretty cheap game and good for a bit of mindless 3rd person shooting fun

Killer is dead $3.82 AUD

Redout Enhanced Edition $14.51 AUD.

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SEGA Games sale includes Aliens Isolation base game for $10 USD, Bayonetta for $14 USD, Company of Heroes for $5 USD,
Ok prices, Nothing special

2k Games Sale includes Bioshock Inf for US$7.50 and Borderlands for around $5 and Borderlands 2 GOTY for $8.79 USD
Nothing special.

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    Highly recommend checking out killer is dead, one of the few games lve replayed several times


    I like it borderlan2 games. Play shoot monster and robot garbage bin robot man cans talk to you. Teach you to playing too. I like it this one games. Can buy in humble bundle for I thinking $5 USA now. Humble bundles have borderlan 1 to for $1 USA and include more games in humble bundle


    I thoroughly recommend Valkyria Chronicles if you don't have it yet.

    @Scrimshaw - how were the controls of Binary domain for you? It has some awfully weird acceleration for me that was so bad I've only been able to play roughly 1.5 hours of it.

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      Pretty bad, I think I did manage to beat the game though, like a couple of years ago. Can't remember how I managed that with such a floaty control scheme.



        I'm of a mind to just uninstall it and pick up a different game on my massive pile of shame. :) It's a bit of a shame really, the cover shooter mechanics itself weren't half bad.


    Bioshock Infinite left a really deep impression on me…No spoilers but get ready for a wild ride.

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