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Win $10,000 Cash from Nine Network



Closing Date 08/12/2017
Draw Date 11/12/2017


Description $10,000 Cash (EFT).
No. of Prizes 1
Total Prize Pool $10,000.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Unlimited
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a

Name one Judge and one Family on Family Food Fight.

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    Judges: Matt Moran; Hayden Quinn; Anna Polyviou
    Families: Shahrouk, Nguyen, Gibaldis, Butler, Sheperd, Panyides




      top lad, saved me a few clicks


      Thanks for the answers Mate

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      Some misspellings above. Gibaldis = Gibaldi (unless you're using the plural), Sheperd = Sheppard, and Panyides = Panayides.

      Hopefully it won't be affecting our entries because I was using the above spellings until just now :(


        If you were using the nice links provided by @gnv9 you would of caught that a lot sooner.

        Errors and omissions may be accepted at the Promoter's discretion. You might get luck. :)


          I suppose we put too much trust in our fellow compers.

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          @gnv9 does a great service post up the links and answers so could of easily checked them. I have faith in their diligent research. It's not blind faith. Almost. :)

          I'm comping blind due to technical difficulties with wide psychedelic flashing lines on my screen. It's makes reading very "interesting". I still managed to check out the links. Or either I couldn't see/notice the other answers in the comments.

          Argh hopefully by mid next week have got my components together and built a new PC. Then just need a new set of eyes after a month or so looking at my display.

          Interesting there are so many clicks per entrant. lol

          Good luck.


          @GoldernFortune: Yeah usually gnv9 puts up the answers too so I've gotten lazy haha. All good. It was bluepop providing the answers this time and maybe bluepop is not as precise :)

          Good luck with the new computer :)



          Thanks :)

          They did in form of the links to the answers. There was another judge listed.

          Having the answers posted is a godsend with my current PC. Usualy I'll double check unless I'm rushing last second entries. That's were I catch closing times are incorrect and post. A few could double check especially the gleam international using a simple process I've posted a few times.

          I'm finally getting togethere all the components this week. Then the "fun" begins with building it from about Wednesday/Thursday. It's been a journey researching, trying to get components at good prices etc.

          I've given up trying to win one. I managed to "win" a PC which decided was scam about two months back. Too many bad vibes. Now been focusing on the cash competitions. Hate to think how many entries I submitted. What ever number you're thinking multiply by 10. lmao


    I think you can only enter once per minute, as when I've tried to submit entries immediately after each other it gives the error 'Too many submissions'


    What's to stop someone entering 10 million times?

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        $10K - entering this comp could be like a full-time job for a month or so surely lol