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Win $10,000 Cash from Nine Network



Closing Date 08/12/2017
Draw Date 11/12/2017


Description $10,000 Cash (EFT).
No. of Prizes 1
Total Prize Pool $10,000.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Unlimited
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a

Name one Judge and one Family on Family Food Fight.

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    Judges: Matt Moran; Hayden Quinn; Anna Polyviou
    Families: Shahrouk, Nguyen, Gibaldis, Butler, Sheperd, Panyides

    • thanks

    • top lad, saved me a few clicks

    • Thanks for the answers Mate

    • +1

      Some misspellings above. Gibaldis = Gibaldi (unless you're using the plural), Sheperd = Sheppard, and Panyides = Panayides.

      Hopefully it won't be affecting our entries because I was using the above spellings until just now :(

      • If you were using the nice links provided by @gnv9 you would of caught that a lot sooner.

        Errors and omissions may be accepted at the Promoter's discretion. You might get luck. :)

        • I suppose we put too much trust in our fellow compers.

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          @gnv9 does a great service post up the links and answers so could of easily checked them. I have faith in their diligent research. It's not blind faith. Almost. :)

          I'm comping blind due to technical difficulties with wide psychedelic flashing lines on my screen. It's makes reading very "interesting". I still managed to check out the links. Or either I couldn't see/notice the other answers in the comments.

          Argh hopefully by mid next week have got my components together and built a new PC. Then just need a new set of eyes after a month or so looking at my display.

          Interesting there are so many clicks per entrant. lol

          Good luck.

        • @GoldernFortune: Yeah usually gnv9 puts up the answers too so I've gotten lazy haha. All good. It was bluepop providing the answers this time and maybe bluepop is not as precise :)

          Good luck with the new computer :)

        • @calliecat:

          Thanks :)

          They did in form of the links to the answers. There was another judge listed.

          Having the answers posted is a godsend with my current PC. Usualy I'll double check unless I'm rushing last second entries. That's were I catch closing times are incorrect and post. A few could double check especially the gleam international using a simple process I've posted a few times.

          I'm finally getting togethere all the components this week. Then the "fun" begins with building it from about Wednesday/Thursday. It's been a journey researching, trying to get components at good prices etc.

          I've given up trying to win one. I managed to "win" a PC which decided was scam about two months back. Too many bad vibes. Now been focusing on the cash competitions. Hate to think how many entries I submitted. What ever number you're thinking multiply by 10. lmao

  • I think you can only enter once per minute, as when I've tried to submit entries immediately after each other it gives the error 'Too many submissions'

  • What's to stop someone entering 10 million times?

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      • $10K - entering this comp could be like a full-time job for a month or so surely lol

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