Bangkok Special Arrangements on 26th October 2017

Due to special funeral ceremonies for late King's funeral many stores, bars, Tesco, and 7-11 stores will be closed on 26th October. Some all day, some from afternoon and some for several days depending on owners discretion.
Thursday will also be a public holiday and many Thais will come into Bangkok for the procession and cremation that night.
For details see and go to Everything you need to know about the funeral of the late King Bumibol.
Public transport will be free. Everyone will wear black out of their respect and grief for their late much loved and revered King.


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      Not a bad message to post,
      Lots of Aussies travel to Thailand and may not have been aware. Would be a surprise if everything was shut when you arrived.

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    Thanks. This may actually be useful to someone since a lot of people don't actively read the news when travelling. A closed 7-Eleven is not something you'd expect in Bangkok.

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    Also certain streets are closed due to procession as will be certain river pier stops.

    Taxis may refuse to take people to their guest house in certain areas.
    Best to read above mentioned blog which answers lots of relevant questions.

    I will be arriving on 25th . Reckon a lot of tourists do not read BKK news and will be unaware of this event that will effect travel arrangements for up to 5 days.


    I think that the lights will be out in Soi Cowboy for the last week of Oct. too and the girls outside of the bars there will be in black, but the action will still be (ab)normal inside.
    Note 2. Bkk has been suffering bad flooding.
    3. This King was highly revered by the military and by all sides of parliament. But the next king may not be as well loved considering his track record. The future will be very interesting.

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