Home Theatre Cost for OzBargainer

I have been collecting components for my home theatre over the last few months, and finally starting putting it together. It's a 5.1 system with a 120" screen and I'm looking forward to firing it all up.

I was interested in the total cost so I thought I'd list them out here in case it helps another OzBargainer.

EDIT: Photo


Projector - BENQ W1090 bought at eBay 18% off sale - $737.18
Projector Mount - $68.95
Projector Screen - 120" fixed white bought at eBay 18% off sale - $262.40
Yamaha RX-V2073 receiver - second hand from OzBargain classifieds - $665
Speakers - already had a 5 speaker set from Accusound - today's equivalent ~$1000
Subwoofer - Wharfedale SW-150 bought years ago on sale from JB HiFi - $400
IKEA 3m BESTA unit - ~$510
10m HDMI cable - $70
Wall plates, surround speaker brackets - ~$30
Installation - my time!

TOTAL - $3,743.53

(Haven't included speaker wire or pre-wire costs)


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      I wanted something that could do 4K at 60Hz with HDR for a bit of future proofing.


        yea you gotta look at the version code, HDMI 2.1 is what you need for future proof (8k), but not sure if it's released

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      yep, but each to their own.

      mine is more 'modest'

      55" TV - was part of insurance claim but lets say $1200 based on the invoice
      7.2 sound HTIB - $1000
      TV stand - home made from MDF - $80
      media player - $100
      speaker cable - $200?


      we still have bluray (free with a different tv purchase) and dvd/vhs combo in place but rarely used


    Nice looks good, is the room light proof? In that you can still watch this beauty during the day maybe heavy dark curtains or even no windows etc?

    So tempted to maybe try a projector setup in the attic but I am not 100% knowledgeable on bulb replacement costs and picture quality compared to a standard tv and input lag and all that stuff. Also do projectors overheat? I know you can run a tv for hours on end and it may get a little bit warm but what about projectors?

    The few projector projects I have seen have ranged from amateur half open exposed ot bad external lighting problems to awesome quality enclosed movie and gaming specfic cinema rooms.

    Which one does yours fall into?


      The room has a long skinny window (2.4m x 0.75m) as we wanted a room that wasn’t a bat cave. It has grey walls (Dulux Klute) and white skirting and ceiling. The room will be a lounge room as well so we have normal lounges.

      The projector is a budget projector and from the reviews, it may run a little noisy and hot but it should be ok when the sound is on and shouldn’t overheat. The projector has had great reviews and it’ seemed like great value. It has low input lag (33ms) so should be good for gaming as well.

      Also, the Aust/UK/Europe model names for BENQ are different to the US names.

      Aust/UK/Europe - US
      W1090 - HT1070
      W1110 - HT2050
      W2000 - HT3050


        Hmm not bad.

        Can you share any measurable input on how it compares to an equivalent sized similar specced tv in terms of quality and everything, nuances, pros, cons or even extra wishes you wish it had etc.

        My only hindrance to maybe buying one is what I said above earlier but also mainly daytime usage as sometimes I do get a bit of outside lighting and glare in the areas I want to use it but not always.

        I guess it wouldn't change or matter much compared to a LED TV but I wish I had enough first hand experience in seeing both to know it more properly.

        Are there any things you have to avoid with your specific projector model like leaving the same image on too long to avoid burn in or otherwise?

        How often would you say you will have to change the bulbs and otherwise and how much does it cost?

        Sorry for all the questions just doing some research for my future possible home theatre myself.. so many options and decisions :)


          Sure, I’m yet to set it all up but will give a quick summary of the pros and cons when I do. I’m sure others will post in here on their experience.

          The window has a blockout roller blind so it gets quite dark during the day.


          @Stix: definitely. Whichever way you go man good luck with it. I guess I am just also curious in what others have to say or have done/tried.


          @AlienC: All up and running and it's great.

          Photo - https://imgur.com/a/nk1KN

          This is with the blind right open. On the opposite wall are two sliding doors that open into the kitchen/dining/family but even with those left open and the blind closed, it still works during the day. Even at night, we have some light coming in from the kitchen lights and it is still fine.

          One thing I didn't consider is that the top of the IKEA unit is slightly shiny and reflects some of the picture from the screen. It was a little distracting when I first noticed it but it's nothing to worry about now.

          A 4-5 seater home theatre lounge would be good instead of our current 3.5 and 2.5 seater, but that would turn it into a dedicated media room instead of a combined lounge/media room, even though the screen takes up most of the wall. In any case, the room will need some art or pictures on the wall along with a few items so it's not so sterile. :)

          If you're thinking about it, I'd say go for it. All the best!

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    We have a similar setup. I chose the Epson though to avoid any rainbowing effects and the cheaper bulbs.


      I chose the Epson though to avoid any rainbowing effects and the cheaper bulbs.

      I was so torn between the Epson and BenQ but ended up going the BenQ. I think I would have been happy with either.

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    Cheaper and better option for projector mount. $29
    More adjustment options. Horizontal and vertical tilt. Up to 350mm from ceiling instead of 200mm


    Cheaper and better option for HDMI cable. $32.99
    15m 4k 50/60hz


    Not to mention think I bought all these with additional 10% or 20% off ebay sale.

    Projector screen can't fault. They have good reviews on stereonet.

    Projector is DLP - make sure you're not susceptible to rainbow effect. Good LCD option is Epson TW5600.


      Cheaper and better option for projector mount.

      Thanks but I calculated the projector position and didn't want the projector hanging down too much.

      Cheaper and better option for HDMI cable.

      Thanks - did it test ok for you? I researched cables and some say 4K @ 60Hz but after people test, they find that they can't do it. Whirlpool confirmed the Space Saturn and Comsol (from Officeworks) as capable so didn't mind spending a bit more.

      Projector is DLP - make sure you're not susceptible to rainbow effect. Good LCD option is Epson TW5600.

      Hoping I don't see rainbows! :) I guess I can also swap out to another projector if needed (will need lens shift). But as mentioned before, the bulbs are about 3-4 times the price of the Epson. :(


        "Up to 350mm" it can be a lot shorter length

        Yes cable works fine.


          "Up to 350mm" it can be a lot shorter length

          I didn't want any longer than 200mm. And I needed white. :)

          Yes cable works fine.

          4K @ 60HZ?


    Ive not read or seen any HDMI Copper cable over 10m that will do UHD [email protected] and 18Gbps think only a HDMI Fibre Optic will do that.


    Hoping to revive this discussion, especially in relation to last Boxing Day deals (Onkyo and Pioneer AV receiver deals).
    Just wondering what people are putting together regarding speaker combination, atmos, etc.
    It seems quite a few people bought the Onkyo 4800 speaker set that was mentioned in one of the comments.

    Or is it more appropriate to start a new topic?