Melbourne CBD Accomodation - Feedback Needed


We have decided due to short stay, we will be staying in Melbourne CBD.

Can I ask if Southbank area (near Crown Towers) is convenient and safe?

Apology if this may seem to be like a mediocre question as we have never been to Melbourne in the past.

If Southbank is ain't good, can you recommend area in CBD where we can just go down the apartment/hotel and see food/shop etc?



  • Yes it's safe. There's plenty of food options along Southbank and crown is just a short walk

  • Southbank is fine

  • I live in Southbank. It is safe and a very convenient location to be based out of.

  • Also the trams in the CBD are free so you can wander further afield for food. The south wharf DFO is further down from this area if you want to do some shopping.

  • Southbank

    I'd recommend Travelodge on Southbank. Cheap but in a great location

  • Southbank or China Town area? Which is better?

    • Southbank is primarily a residential area and business area, the places along the river are restaurants and some hotels. China town is very central in the city, lots of restaurants of course, and you're bang in the middle of town. Would probably be a lot more noisier at night and might be more expensive. Personally I'd choose Southbank as a better place to stay. Melbourne isn't that big, they're both within walking distance of each other.

    • Southbank for sure.

  • Southbank, China Town or Southern Cross area (Spencer St) ?

  • Southbank is fine, but if you want to be near food and shop try Mercure on Little Bourke St. Cheap + location. The hotel is abit small, but if youre going to be out everyday .. why not?