Recommend Android Phone $300- $600 Outright?

Hi all

I've checked out the Polls and other forums topics, but nothing seems to quite cover this price range.

I'm looking for a new Android phone that's a step up from the Moto G5 Plus at $250-300 but not stepping into current flagship pricing, so keeping it under $600.

Camera is most important for taking photos of our kids and sharing with family, battery life needs to be decent and I don't want anything too slow and clunky.

I'd really prefer Australia stock to ensure Australian warranty and MicroSD card slot.

LG G6 seemed like an awesome option but I've been burnt by G3 and G4 bootloops before. Oppo R11? Huawei Mate 9?

Thanks in advance!


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    Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x for $150. Spend the $450 bucks you just saved on Eneloops, $2m McFlurries and Bikie consults.


    My preferences below (from research I did a few months ago about G4 bootloop happened):
    1. Axon 7
    2. One Plus
    3. Mate 9 or Moto G


    A google pixel or pixel xl used from ebay or gumtree. they still will have a years warranty left and should be less than 600.

    LG g6 is great too.

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      I've heard that the LG G6 is starting to have bootloop issues too now that they've been out for a while?


        Yea I'd avoid anything with the Snapdragon 821 CPU, as it seems to be the root cause for the bootloop.

        Grey import Samsung S7's are in the $500 range, which is what I have.


    HTC U Ultra for $498 at HN, a bit big though.


    You should be able to snag a Samsung S7 for that price when combined with eBay sale.


    love my oneplus 5


    Very happy with Moto G5 Plus international model.

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