Do You Keep The Curtains Drawn (Closed) at Night?

I often see houses with their curtains wide open at night, facing the street.
Especially when it's dark outside and the lights are on inside, everyone can basically see right into the house.

Just wondering if there is any particular reason for doing this, or are people just unaware or not fussed about their privacy?

Edit: by drawn, I mean drawn closed. :D

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    I hire bikies to prevent people from looking in


  • maybe they prefer unobstructed view instead of covering up with curtains ?

    there ain't much privacy to be lost there unless you're naked/sexing.

    • maybe they prefer unobstructed view instead of covering up with curtains ?

      But at night when it's dark outside and bright inside, you can't see out because of the reflections…

      • you mean balcony glass doors ?

        i always left my windows open.

        • No I mean the curtains / window coverings.
          Some houses I see have their living rooms right at the front of the house and facing the street, and they don't close their curtains.
          I can see right into their living room, see what they are watching on TV, and what they are having for dinner. Lol.

        • @cuteseal:

          i leave my windows open for airy feel , for both ventilation & visually (good to see those yellow lights on street)

          i mean living room is totally fine to me as i didn't do anything private there.

          others even left their bathroom windows wide open without curtain. That's too much, but nice eye candy for me. At least 34D there.

  • More so in winter to keep the heat in.

  • I'm an exhibitionist.

  • "Just wondering if there is any particular reason for doing this"

    Maybe just to say "look at how little privacy I need. Aren't I mentally tough?". Could also be diffusion of responsibility, I usually see families with teenagers or adult children doing the "I'm leaving the blinds open at night" thing.

    Looking at your avatar a question on my mind is why enter the strange world of white Australian suburbia (I'm assuming the alternatives are better)?


    I leave mine open right before I fall asleep so that I can have the sunlight in the morning help me wake up

  • I live on a higher floor, so I just keep it open.

  • yes I have noticed when coming home at night that a lot of people in apartments leave their blinds open…seems they think no one can see in..

  • Yes, street lighting is too intense.

  • Living areas: Typically not, but our house does not have a lot of windows that people pass regularly and would see in.
    Bedroom: Always close at bedtime, sometimes earlier, otherwise it is too bright too early the next morning.

  • Depends on the window ;). I don't like having all the blinds closed in the living area, feels a bit shut in. Other neighbours also have some open some closed. I see people making dinner, studying, watching TV. As long as it's all PG, whatever.

  • Meh, if people want to see me helicopter, who am I to block their view.

  • Freaks. Especially the ones that build glass houses with their lounge rooms facing popular scenic walkways. Must be former Big Brother applicants, never have domestic disputes and only watch family friendly films. 31% more likely to be convicted of public indecency.

    But if your bedroom has high windows it's a great way to wake up naturally to the sun.

    • I wonder whether it's an offence to expose yourself to the public from within your own living room?

      Just wondering…. for a friend. :P

  • Reminds me of the time I was walking home (from the pub) drunk with my gf (now wife), when she pointed out a woman getting changed in a room of an apartment we happened to be walking past.

    I naturally stopped in the middle of the road for a good 10 to 30 seconds to try to catch a glimpse anything I could.

    This caused my gf to get extremely angry with me (when I eventually caught up with her) that I would do such a thing; questioning my morals.

    I argued that 1) she shouldn't have pointed it out to me 2) the woman shouldn't have had her blinds open 3) the apartment was too far away and high up for me to see anything really anyway 4) I was just looking and not touching, so what's the big deal.

  • i leave mine wide open, ceiling fan moves the blinds and it irritates me. if anyone wants to look at me in my sleep then knock yourself out.

    the other thing is i suffer from brain paralysis regularly and scream in my sleep. my neighbours have heard a few times, adn i have had to explain to them no one is being murdered. god help me if my wife does murder me, no one will help

  • you do know that to draw the curtains, is to open them?

  • My neighbours across the road like to sit in their main room at night with the curtains wide open on their almost-floor-to-ceiling front windows and their big TV on, but the lights off. So it looks like a disco in there most nights.

  • We’re up in the hills in a double storey on a large block.
    Downstairs we always close up at night for privacy. Upstairs is left open so we can enjoy the beautiful Perth skyline , watch the planes going out or in & enjoy a drinkypoo or 3 on the balcony.
    Personally ( unless you’re that way inclined to like the rest of your neighbors & passers by gawking at you) we prefer to close up all areas that can be viewed from the street. It’s also for security - why have everyone able to view the interior & goods in your home - asking for trouble from would be burglars.

  • My ex broke it and I haven't bothered trying to fix it yet

  • Yes only in winter - but saying that I have frosting windows anyway.

  • why are you looking into other peoples windows at night anyway?????????????????????????????