expired Free 15x $2 Coupons @ oBike


Got a push notification with this code in it. You'll get 15x $2 coupons, so considering these are $2 per half hour that's 15 half hour rides you could get.

My vouchers expire on the 11th of November, I guess useful for someone that uses these a lot.

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    thanks OP


    Do they still charge one time deposit of $69? I heard from a mate that it is very difficult to get back that money

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      Not sure about the deposit now, but I heard they dropped it to $10 for everyone recently. If not I think the $10 deposit for student offer is still there. I think you get the deposit back when you close the account/request for it back from the app


      I signed up 2 weeks ago and yes they charged me $69. I'm sure we can get it back.

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      Yes still charge it (which blows). $10 for students. The whole holding the deposit thing is part of their business model - i.e get 100000 punters deposit $69 you get $6.9million which can sit there making lots of money for the company



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    My vouchers expire on 12/11, I think it must be 10 days after application.


    Makes it easier to move the dozens I find littering my street every morning.

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    Code not accepted for me: 'invalid code'