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Free Shipping @ Jd.com (11-12 Nov), Limited to First 1000 Orders


Hey guys first post here (Didnt know the store was banned or why)
Managed to snag great deals on JD.com yesterday with free shipping
I made my purchase around 4PM yesterday and another around 10PM. Used Google Translate to browse the site works reasonably well.

*edit:the first 1000 orders are orders made in Australia ONLY not globally

This is part of Singles' Day Sales for 2017.

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  • The last time I shopped with them was when it was 'Singles' Day" and I was able to score 3 things that were 0.01AUD each. They delivered…so that's my one positive review of these guys.

    • yeah got the same deal too last year and yep all item ordered have arrived.

  • +2

    JD in China is like Amazon in the US. Can't comment on their international effort but they have great reputation / service in China.

  • is it too late for free shipping?

    • No its not the next free shipping days are on the 11th and 12th. Remember to pay with a 28 degrees card or similar.

      • @nobby148
        how do u get the free shipping? how to see it? use google trans, but couldn't find it anywhere

      • and what's the payment option? Paypal? Sorry, never order from them before

        • No unfortunately there isnt a paypal option so payment is direct with credit card, do run the risk but I have never had issues with them (lucky) and shipping is quick my order has already been shipped. Much faster than other Aliexpress stores

        • @nobby148: wow, that's quick. how long does it take to arrive in AUS?

          how to get the free shipping? I was trying to order something this afternoon, but the ggl tran show shipping is 105, that is almost international express cost.

        • @alexGoodwin: there is no coupon or anything free shipping was yesterday. The next time its free shipping its on the 11th

        • @nobby148: so it starts on 11th China time? right?


  • Google translator even not working on this site to see which deal are available

    • There appears to be English version here: https://www.joybuy.com/

      • English doesn't have all the stuff that the non English store has

  • +3

    International version of this store is now called www.joybuy.com
    It's like aliexpress, only worse in every way :)

    • Couldn't agree more nothing is available on the site

    • I thought joybuy is a shadow-site…

  • you have to know Chinese (language) very well to purchase whatever you want. Since JD is honorable for its delivery service (normally one day delivered in Mainland China, no matter where you are because they have stock disctributely), you can buy for example very good rice cooker within 60$ range. It can deliver to Australia before this event but cost much.

  • Yesterday JD did Free postage as well.

    I bought 3 office chairs, 2 ceiling lights and some small kitchen appliances yesterday from JD.
    And they are on the way to AU now, super fast.

    Total weight of my purchase is around 35-40kg lol.
    (Normal postage to AU is around $15/kg.)

    At the same time they also have 'spend $40 get $20 back' promotion.

    • Are you sure your order went through?

      I've ordered in the past and you can select overseas delivery but your items never come because it is not deliverable.

      You will then need to do a dispute, preferably best if you are fluent in Chinese, either Mandarin or Cantonese.

      Here are some examples of what others should look for to see if it is indeed deliverable.


      There doesn't seem to be any freight forwarding via jd.com that I can figure out, unlike on it's rival tmall.com. Maybe it's bugged on my end.

      • Yes I'm sure the order went through.
        While I've only received one parcel as they separate my items into 4 parcels.

  • -1

    Before someone start whinging

    1. No warranty (idc with that price point)
    2. Quality (idc with that price point)
    3. Brand reputation (Unless you are Chinese)
    4. Shipment (According to JD customer service, it takes around 15 days to ship here. Well, maybe another 15 BUSINESS days to your door)
    • Yes I agree but does that not apply to all the GearBest and banggood stuff we all on ozbargain love

  • +1

    Any recommendation for rice cooker? Is Midea a good brand?

    there are many differnet models:


    • I got Midea WFZ4099 IH electromagnetic one cause it was reduced from ¥549 to ¥369 decent sized. Midea is the number one kitchen appliances brand in China it has all the things that tiger has but without the price tag. I didn't know Midea was that big until I googled it.

  • "Limited to First 1000 Orders", you probably have no time placing order

  • Hey OP, is it just me or are most seller not able to ship to australia? I tried searching for adidas hoodies but they all :out of stock" but when i changed my location to shanghai xuhui district suddenly all things are in stock. Being chinese i usually use taobao and find it better as they offer international shipping via their warehouse rather directly from sellers?

    • yeah i found that as well being super shit lots of stuff I think doesnt ship here. I havent personally looked at any clothes so not sure but can confirm lots of the xiaomi products we at OzBargain loves dont ship here

      • Yeah I tried a few shirts, jackets and shoes, looks like you can only select China locations.
        So no shipping to Australia.

        Also, I don't think 11/11 prices have kicked in yet

        • No not all of them have kicked in but the special sales have already started and can possibly still get some of those limited quantity deals

    • Hey since you are Asia, (I'm also hoping actually lived in China) you recommend Taobao and how about Tmall? I used Tmall last year but this is where I'd get it delivered to someone in China who's going to come to Australia with those things.

      I've also heard that there is some shipping China to Aus 1kg for like 60RMB or something cheap?

      • Hahaha mate would love to answer your question but I have only just started using these sites I can ask my girlfriend hahaha she uses it more

        • Much appreciated! I think Tmall is the same thing as Taobao, you get redirected anyways. Probably just gonna stick with them anyways.

          Always happy to hear from actual Chinese person which (men) clothing brand they think are good, so far Septwolves have a nice mature but cool style, I'm looking at the their jackets for about 300RMB which I think is acceptable price.

          I'm also looking to get some casual good looking shoes, I think some even go low as 99RMB

  • Is the free shipping starting yet?

  • So, even if the seller has shipping charges, is it still free? Or free forwarding?

    • So if it doesn't show free then that would mean the 1000 orders has been exhausted and is no longer free. They might do it again at around 4pm that's what happened on the 2nd when they did that

      • Okay, thanks, I'll check on it later.

        • It's also possible that they like aliexpress is starting the sale later

  • Did anyone manage to get anything with free shipping today?

    • I couldn't find anything, nothing appears as deliverable with a "free shipping" quote.

      On the joybuy site, I think everything is mostly free shipping to start with anyway. The prices are extraordinarily high compared to global.jd.com. Almost like they built the shipping cost into the product.

      It also won't let you login to jd.com if you have a en.jd.com account which was transferred to joybuy.com. (During 5 cent sale or sometime after).

      I'm pretty sure i signed up for a jd.com account with an australian address which was then transferred at some point. (which is weird)

  • +1

    Tried at around 2am yesterday, no free shipping.
    Tried at exactly 2am today, still no free shipping.

    I can read Chinese but I don't see the website mentioned there's free shipping to Australia on Single's day.

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