Samsung Galaxy S7 - Should I Wait for Boxing Day Sales?

Hi everyone. I would like to get an S7 for my boyfriend for Christmas. He currently has a 2nd-generation Moto G. I figured an S7 would be a nice upgrade, and cheaper than getting an S8.

Does Samsung do boxing day sales? If not, which companies should I look out for? I am tossing up between getting the S7 on Boxing Day for the best deals vs. getting one now if there is a good deal online (coupons/vouchers etc). I read someone's comment that if one is available for <$500 they'd snap it up immediately. So, that's kind of the price mark I'm looking at - I hope it's realistic!

Thank you for any assistance!

(I have a rather old iPhone myself, I'm not very phone or bargain savvy, please don't yell at me!)


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    I can't say much for whether Samsung themselves do much in terms of sales but I can say if you are buying directly from Samsung its usually more expensive

    There is a deal right now on ebay for 20% tech from selected dealers and the S7 is on sale for $543.20 Delivered with coupon code PIXELS Click Here

    Just note that stock appears to be in Hong Kong which means it may take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to arrive (should be here before Christmas day though!)

    Gold silver and black are in stock

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      really agree with Sock here! You should not buy from Samsung directly because it's always more expensive. Look at retailers on ebay who sell australian stock so you still have warranty with Samsung Australia. Also look online at common stores in australia that sell phones

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      Thank you, Sock! I guess that's about as good as it gets for now, so I went ahead with your suggestion. You can be sure that you have contributed to one man's very big smile on Christmas Day!


    If he likes Moto G, why not stick with Moto G?

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      Because brands are just brands and liking an old product has nothing to do with current products?

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        I meant a new Moto G?

        Edit: Oh think I get what you mean now. Eg I might like a 2000 corolla, but not a 2017 corolla.

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    Had a little look around,
    JBHifI at $799:
    MobilCiti at $679:

    Kogan at $669 (Grey Stock):
    eGlobal at $569:

    Just from those I'd probably go MobileCiti as they seem cheap and Aus Stock from Paramatta.
    There might be cheaper prices elsewhere like socks comment above.

    I don't know about Samsung, but pretty sure most of the other stores should do boxing day sales? I think you'd probably get maybe up to $100 off the price if you waited probably going below the $500 line for grey stock? But I pull that number out of thin air to be honest.

    Pretty sure I got my S7 edge from eGlobal last year at $733 and loved it <3 but no idea what they're like if I had any problems with the phone though.


      Wow, thank you for looking around! I'm always wary of Boxing Day sales because I'm often too late to the party, so I went ahead with someone's suggestion and got it now with the 20% off deal on eBay. Glad to know you liked your S7 Edge, I got a regular S7 and fingers crossed there are no problems!

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    I'm pretty much in the same boat after the dog decided to use my S5 as a chew toy.

    I purchased a galaxy S2 during boxing day sales from Hardly Normal for $395 in 2012 - retired it in 2015 for the galaxy S5 upgrade (again - Hardly Normal and just under the $400 price point).

    I'd love to pick up the S7 for a similar price in the next few months, but can't see it happening.

    Anywhere around the $500 - $550 mark (Goodguys had it for $560 just a few weeks ago with the ebay 20% discount) is where I'll be a buyer at, that's if something else of interest doesn't present itself at an Ozbargain'ed price within the new few weeks.


      Sorry about your S5! I'm sure your dog is still a good boy. The first comment in this thread linked to this eBay deal with 20% off using the code PIXELS which brings it down to $551.20, and then use Cashrewards for a bit more off.


    I'm on the same boat, got my Galaxy S5 2 years ago around $350 from Harvey Norman, I'm looking to update my phone even though its pretty good. With the AMEX/Harvey Norman deal (Spend $400 get $100 back) currently, I'm eyeing on the S7 Edge 32GB which is selling $799, technically you can get it down to $599 if you swipe your AMEX card twice, provided you purchase something about $2 dollar. If getting TRS back, technically its $539

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