Buying Macbook Battery - Tips?

Looking to buy a replacement battery for my MBA. Anyone have experience? Or know someone in the laptop repair business. Not sure which sellers to trust

e.g. eBay has many ~$30 ones. "BatteriesMall" has $70, but can't tell if it's just another generic.


  • I would never buy a Mac battery from eBay.

  • I bought a battery for a mid-2010 MacBook White from eBay maybe around 7-8 months ago, which was around $70 from memory.

    The seller, an Australian based store that shipped from AUS claimed that the battery was Apple genuine with an Apple product code in their listing ad; spoiler alert, it wasn’t genuine. Now I’ll be honest the MacBook is fairly old and I didn’t want to spend a huge amount on a replacement battery because I didn’t see the point. So far, touch wood, it’s been fine but the MacBook doesn’t get a lot of use anyway as it’s more or less a spare now.

    I’ve been keeping an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t swell up or get too hot when charging and yeah it’s been okay.

    Now, when I got it I knew it wasn’t genuine because it looked obviously different from the real McCoy it was replacing. I wasn’t impressed. I messaged the seller, who unsurprisingly I suppose, was a jerk and couldn’t care less and offered that I send it back at my expense. I shrugged my shoulders and fitted it, and it’s been okay but there’s every chance that I’m lucky.

    I wouldn’t buy a MacBook battery from eBay again and I definitely wouldn’t consider a repair unless it was through Apple store if it was still under warranty.

    Also, to be clear the eBay seller was very specific about the battery being genuine stock, as in plastering it all over their listing so it wasn’t something where there could be a misunderstanding.

    Anyway, I thought I’d share, I’m not sure if that helps but I hope you can get your battery issues sorted.

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    Yep same experience as Jawanzar get a real apple battery.