Watch Subscription Service - Thoughts?

Hey guys

Long time follower of ozbargain. We've just launched a watch subscription service in Australia and I'm keen to spread the word and get your feedback on the idea!

The idea is that you get a random watch a month, always worth more than what you pay (we cut our margins to achieve this). Details are here: and

If you could give me your thoughts on the idea I would really appreciate it!

Thanks :)

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    LOL…Australia's #1 Watch Subscription Service.

    How can it possibly be Number One when it hasn't even launched yet. On that sentence alone I'm out.

  • umm you wanna sell aliexpress watches for massive mark up?


    • None of the watches are from aliexpress. If you check out the website, you'll notice they are all reputable brands.

      Thanks for the feedback anyway!

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    These are just my 2 cents only.

    Ozbargain is probably the worst platform to ask for opinions on this. Consider that we have people like WatchNerd and PJC active on Ozbargain, your watch deals will be heavily scrutinzed by people who will roughly know what the watches retail for, and maybe even where you actually buy the watches from.

    The second issue you'll have to wrangle with is that fashion and jewellery deals generally struggle to gain much traction on Ozb — and people won't bite unless the article is genuinely very cheap compared to existing market prices (or is a highly sought after item with very limited stock)

    • Thanks for the feedback mate, both good points.

      The watches will be always be cheaper than market prices as my margin will be minimal (unlike normal sellers who will have a markup of 50-100%). You're right through, ozbargain may not be the best place for it! I was just testing the water.

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    Sounds like a horrible idea. Normal people don't need a new watch every month, or quarter, or even year. And the sort of people who are into watches will generally prefer models that fall beyond even your highest tier $300 subscription, not disposable quartz trinkets.

    You say you will 'always be cheaper,' but I don't think you've thought this through. You are never going to win a price war against a big distributor like Amazon or Starbuy, you just won't. And if people can pick out exactly what they want in a cheaper, one-off payment, I cannot see this taking off.

    • The $350 subscription will have swiss automatic movements. Anything above $350 I felt is a stretch to ask someone to pay monthly, but it may be an option down the track.

      I don't plan on being cheaper than big distributors. The $40 subscription is really aimed at being purchased as a gift for someone. I was given a sock subscription which is ~$15 a month. I could definitely get the socks I receive for less than $15, but it was a gift and I get enjoyment out of receiving a new pair each month.

      Thanks for the feedback though, all taken on board!

      • Socks and watches are different. Socks don't last as long as watches. Watches are seen as more of a status symbol.

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    i need girlfriend subscription service

    • Tinder already has that market cornered. You can get one sent to you each week for a small monthly fee.

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    Perhaps I'm wrong and I'm sure you've done the market research, but I can't see why anyone would subscribe to this.

    So you get a new watch every month which means within a year, you'll have a collection of… mediocre watches.

    I do know people who are into watches and have a watch collection but they have watches worth $'000s of dollars and they know lots about their watches, have an "individual" bond with them almost and are proud of their collection. They wouldn't want a random watch - they'd want one that would suit their personalty or style or whatever.

    I don't see any watch collector that would be proud of their collection of Timex and Casio watches.

  • Had a quick look at the page.
    Not to sure about having the tiers as Silver , Gold, Platinum. I thought that was the colour of the actual watch that you were subscribing for, not the level of subscription? Probably also be nice to see a couple of watches that would be covered under each level of subscription, not just a dollar value.
    Good luck, nice to see people having a go.
    My thoughts would be like above , if I was into watches enough for this, I would probably save up the $90 a month and buy something descent after a year or so.

    • Thanks madreece, I'll think of some different names for the tiers.

      Yep fair enough, the subscription isn't for everyone!

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    Here’s my 2c.

    I’ll let ozbargainers do all the negative. We as a community are ace at that. So read their feedback. There’ll be some shit there but also something worth listening to.

    If I try to think of a way to make this work. I’d push the gifting aspect of it. I see you do gift subscriptions already but I’d like an extra layer of flexibility for it to be appealing to me. I personally wouldn’t gift the entry price option, the watches wouldn’t be appealing enough. But then the next tier up suddenly gets expensive if I’m subscribing for a year. I would love to be able to offer an annual subscription but with the ability to flex how many watches during that time. Ie. one delivered every 2nd month. Or 4 per year. It would be a gift that keeps on giving as I don’t feel like I’d need a new watch every 4 weeks.

    Hope this makes sense. Good luck.

    • Thanks Mooney, definitely need thick skin on this site. Put a bit of a downer on the launch day but I guess I asked for it!

      Yep that makes sense, thanks so much! I had a couple of friends suggest that idea, so I'll start brainstorming how that would work. Thanks again for the feedback, I'll take it all on board!

    • Agreed. 1 watch every quarter feels right. Monthly would just be overkill. I would never sign up for a month watch subscription but could consider it if it was every 3 months. It would also make it more affordable to consider gifting to someone.

  • +1

    Platinum 315/MTh. Watches worth 400-800

    I mean that's quite subjective. Any examples? Can we expect sapphire/Titaniums?

    • Hey mbck, good point.

      My interpretation of "value" is whatever the cheapest price I can find the item online. Take the $315 subscription, any watch you receive will not be cheaper than $400 online, anywhere. Examples would be Bausele, Panzera and Michel Herbelin.

      Hope that makes sense. Thanks for the feedback, I'll try and tweak the content to make the value definition a little more understandable.

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