Curious Question, MacBook Pro 2017 Vs Surface Book 2


Just reviewed both laptops for curiosity.It seems new surface book is more powerful than new macpro, and prices are so similar, so what do you think in terms of graphic editing/ design, which is better, i know it's completed different OS, open discussions…


  • I would avoid the Microsoft devices like the plague.

    Both Microsoft hardware and software is continually subject to stupid bugs indicative of a severe lack of product testing.

    Leaving aside the many, many bugs that they seem to have (including basic issues with power management), I was burnt by the failure of my Surface Pro 2 after a firmware update completely bricked the device. It had to be sent to Microsoft for replacement. I was not the only one burnt - their forums repeatedly had people experiencing the same thing.

    I've never had such stupid issues with Apple devices.

    I used to hate Apple. Now, as soon as my Windows devices die I will be transitioning out.

    • thanks for sharing

  • I have a Surface Book which I use constantly for work and never have any problems with it.

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      you are lucky, i heard before many people has issues with surface products..

  • I had a Surface Pro for years before upgrading to a Surface Book. I sold it earlier this year because I wanted something new.
    I'll be buying a Surface Book 2 on release in a few days.
    Excellent machines with innovative features always pushing the limit. You'll get issues here and there - and only hear about the issues of course.

    Everyone will have different experiences with them I guess.
    If you're not too confident, you've always got the 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

  • Do you need a digitiser (pen input?). Do you have any graphics design programs in mind that work only on Windows or only on Mac, or are you going the Adobe route?

    • Yeah, will use the wacom tablet also for using abode products, I think it will work for both, but currently using Windows crack Adobe version, not sure how it works with the Mac, also interested in install Linux etc

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    Love my Surface but it's a buyer beware scenario take whatever extra warranty u can get if thats your choice.

    I have a Mac Pro too and to be honest I like the Surface better, things just seem easier on it. I love the pencil then newer ones can be set up to for other functionss

    the downside with the Surface is the failure rate and generally no 2 problems are quite the same for some odd reason.

    where i work we have thousands of them i'm on my third in 3 years and i can honestly say the failure rate has been atrocious for the best part we are well into the 25-30% bracket of total failures.

    Some things can be easily fixed, the first one lasted less than a week dead

    Second one i had lasted the longest nearly 22 months, it was the wifi / bluetooth, one minute the drivers and hardware were there and fine next minute gone, nobody could explain it. the others issues were more bugs than anything as opposed to others that were machine killers.

    Third one has been fine once i got it set up again and its still going strong and it gets punished. but i was having issues till i went through the process below which i did for the second one too.

    I followed the advice of the oldest guy in our IT dept and never had a fraction of the issues with it once it was set up.

    It was as simple when you get it if possible allow it to set up first time over the network connected to LAN cable, through supplied adaptor then shut it down open it up set up wifi undock or remove lan ensure it's still working retrieving mail etc. and shut it down, do the same every new location you go to use it, before you go there save and shut it down completely,
    Open it up when you arrive at new place even if your not going to use it that much at that time turn it on log in and open a couple of programs that retrieve info i.e. outlook then log off and shut it down again,

    The way he described it to me was they need to be taught how your going to work, so once it has effectively been taught all you need to do is close the lid or lock i have gone for months sometimes without physically shutting it down working from as many as 8 locations in a day, but they seem to just work right after this i had no more glitches till the wifi went.

    I didn't get a tough case or anything like that people who did seemed to break them more often????

    As an example

    Out of 8 people sitting near me I'm the only one who uses it as a true laptop they are scared to take them anywhere especially if they need to use them for something thats on the network

    When i moved into a new area i'd already had mine 6 months, then the others wanted them, within 3 months of them all getting them 3 had been rebuilt 4 had been replaced

    Issues: Each one different to the next for the best part.

    1 mouse couldn't connect and wold lose connection constantly
    2 couldn't use display port to plug into a Projector or TV
    3 Couldn't use LAN through Dock
    4 Sound card
    5,6,7 blue screen of death

    Seems to be luck of the draw

    it might be hogwash but i'm going to keep doing what the old guy told me when he replaced my first one as they have outlasted most in the company, the ones that have held out longer get used occasionally.

    I'll do the same with the new one next month i'm just due a new one this one hasn't broken. I'm not trying to scare you off them with the warranty thing i actually love the machine.

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      thanks for sharing your story. Wow, i heard many people complaint about realiabity of surface before, it seems many issue around. But compared to mac and surface, in terms of productity and convinence, surface book's better with more ports- and you can just plug in your usb anytime. For the new mac, i am not a fan of apple honestly, it only comes with limited ports with requiring purchasing additional adaptors. However, it is well known that apple has the best screen display in the world, and it does looks different when you are looking a same phone on both devices, ? good for people with editing tasks

      • Have you considered waiting for this beast it will give you more power more options and will remove the need for a seperate Wacom tablet.


        This was the one i was considering over the surface and it seems so far from reviews like the one to beat.

        • Wow, that beast looks incredible, but price I dare would cheaper..nowadays all laptops are so.expensove., just like the price they first came out of market many many years ago…

        • @luckylast: I think it was close to the price of surface book 2 depending on spec, but when you consider a wacom tablet is another 1000 it seems to be the better deal and the much better machine.

        • @Toons: really, don't laugh me , I don't know anything about new wacom, the one I got is old i believe and I only pay $5 I bought from someone 2 years ago, it does what I need for drawing, not sure the difference for new models…

          Both surface 2 and HP just released, and not on market yet, really want to play both and have a try…

        • @luckylast: if you can wait it might be worth it in the long run have a read of some of the reviews

          some people that work in VFX i know were dying to get hold of them once released but knowing where they work, i know they can afford it or write it off somehow.

        • @Toons: thanks for your advice, will wait, since Christmas is on the corner, certainly will be a good deal there.

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    Windows is bad enough on my asus laptop. I don't know that i could stand a whole windows laptop

    • really, i have been using my current windows laptop for more than 6 years, ni issue, still using daily

      • Windows 10?

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          Windows 7, no problem, was XP before

        • -1


          Agreed, Win 7 is great and XP was easy enough to customise. Win10 is atrocious.

        • @KLoNe: agreed. For whoever negged my comment, I want to love it, but there are too many problems. Keyboard navigation has been nerfed in exchange for touch navigation, there are situations where I have to use the touch screen/mouse because the windows ui stops accepting kb input, windows that should be in focus lose their focus to the desktop, touch is rubbish compared to smart phone, there're just too many problems

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